Hi all!!!!!

I was on a walk a few days ago and I felt greatest and if course when I get back home I start to feel tired and my feet and legs ache. I lay down for a while and I felt weird. Like my pants were creating some kind of friction with my legs. Like a vibrating friction. I know spring is here and its outside but I love to walk. Walking helps me relieve stress and sets my mind at ease and when I walk I am happy I'm walking and I'm not paralyzed anymore. Does anyone have that feeling?

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  • I call it the tinglings. I'm not sure what it is but I usually don't like anything touching my legs after I've been walking

  • I get the same feeling and don't like the feel of anything on my legs. It is a weird disease! Kelly

  • Thanks for sharing. ☺

  • I'm with you girls, except I can only walk about 2 blocks, then the right knee starts buckling. My legs and feet don't like anything touching them at any time.

  • MS fools around with our nervous system and give us weird signals sometimes.

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