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Clinically isolated syndrome

I'm worried as I was diagnosed with possible ms Feb last yr I had pins and needles in my feet and legs and up to my waist,vibrations and shaking for a few months then it all disappeared a few months ago I started getting shooting pains in my right leg now I've got numbness in my left shoulder arm and shoulder blade and my neck does anybody have any ideas what it could be.

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It could be the MS, talk with your neurologist though. If it is another attack it should make the MS easier to diagnose, maybe. Just talk to your doctor.

Sorry you are in pain.


I hope you see your neurologist soon to determine what is causing your symptoms and start treatment if necessary.

Keep us posted.


Hi @IBIZA.... your symptoms could be MS or could be a number of other things. MS differs from person to person so we can't really offer you an opinion about whether or not your symptoms sound like MS. Doctors can't or shouldn't confirm MS unless you meet specific diagnosing criteria. Believe me, I know how frustrating getting a proper diagnosis can be. It took me over 9 months, many appointments and a slew of doctors for one to finally figure out that it was indeed MS that was causing my symptoms. Some people that are part of this community have taken years to get a diagnosis. You do not want to be treated for MS unless that is what you actually have.

This is a link to info about other possible conditions that can cause MS-like symptoms:


Both MSAA and the National MS Society have lots of really good information that might help you help your doctors to get to the bottom of your symptoms.


Have u had an MRI? either brain or spinal. Have u done evoked potential tests, I believe there is 3 of them. If no perhaps u might want to find a near who will give them to you. Personally I avoid the Spinal Tap as I really do not like them & an MRI will pretty much tell the DR what he needs to know. Perhaps u may look for a near who specializes in ms.

Good luck either way.



I had my 2nd lot of symptoms in March and April this yr had an appt with the ms doctor on Fri and be has now labelled me as having ms I am booked in to have another mri soon


Welcome IBICA, it's Fancy1959. I don't believe we have spoken before this is an official welcome to this awesome chat room. As you can tell you have a safe place to come and ask questions, voice concerns, and simply talk to others who understand what you are going through.

As greaterexp, RoyceNewton, Moryln, and Raingrrl have already stated please get back to your neurologist/doctor. We are not specialist and trained as doctors as it relates to MS. So all we can offer is advice or antidotes as to what has happened to us. The main reason it so difficult to pinpoint a diagnosis is that MS differs so much from person to person. If you been to a neurologist who can diagnose you please get a second opinion from a different neurologist. Make sure they do a comprehensive MRI of your head, thorax, and your spinal cord with and without dye.

Please remember you are the best advocate for your own health. To help your case keep a log of your symptoms, when they appeared, how bad they are, and if they seem worse when after any particular activity. Keep in touch and let us know how your diagnosis go. Until we speak again, please take care.


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