New Wahls Protocol Cookbook

As promised, I said I would let you know my thoughts on her cookbook when I received it.

Feels like mostly repeated info and recipes from the Wahls Protocol book. Not sure it's worth the $14 if you already have that book. There are some online bonuses that come with it (grocery list etc.) but I'm not sure that info isn't also available elsewhere.

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  • I have the first book and tried some of the recipes. Never have been a big fan of organ meat. Many of the suggestions I already applied in my daily life.

  • erash, thanks for posting this, as you say there are some recipes in the Protocol book itself so I'm not sure I'm gonna buy this. Although it might be nice to get some original ideas on how to do "lots of veggies, low carbs," which is pretty much my diet nowadays.

  • BillD999 Do you make smoothies? I get 1 fruit and 1 vegetable in a smoothie each morning. Today I had cabbage and cherries. It sounds gross, but you can't taste the cabbage if you add vanilla protein powder, and use milk.

  • Iona60, I am all about smoothies. Every single day I have one with fruit, veggies & unsweetened coconut milk. I usually use carrots & celery along with berries which give it a good flavor. A good way to take all my pills & supplements.

  • BillD999 and Iona60 (or anyone else...)

    Whey or vegetable protein?

    I've been using vega one (veg protein) and super collagen powder but am thinking I need to go back to whey protein (amino acids better)

    P.s even kale can be disguised in smoothie 😊

    Ps.s. I'm getting hungry 😜

  • erash, I don't use either of those, are you trying to add protein to your diet? That is something that maybe I should be doing, since loss of muscle mass & weight is part of what MS has done to me.

    Isn't whey a dairy product? If so that wouldn't be my choice. A lot of those protein supplements are full of sugar too, gotta watch'em.

  • BillD999

    Yes, despite being very active and doing much resistance exercise, I'm losing significant muscle mass. I blame MS but likely due to aging 🙁

    So I'm trying to get b/w 90-120 Gm protein in/day.

    Because whey is dairy based, I was using the veg. Protein (not soy) but have read whey superior for muscle building (leucine).

    Also read, if you already get sufficient protein in your diet, doesn't matter whether use whey or veg protein.

    I think I'm reading too much...

  • erash, My loss of muscle mass is unquestionably due to MS. Certain muscles have atrophied and other muscles have not and I lost a significant amount of weight a few years ago pretty suddenly. I am also quite active or try to be and I think that now I use much more energy to do the same amount of work.

    I may have to start getting more serious about protein.

  • BillD999

    I totally agree about the more energy to achieve the same amt. of work.

    Not sure if you were in on the MSSA Dr Singer discussion but I asked him if MS could cause muscle loss. He Said only related to disuse and most likely aging.

    I have found a scholarly article that supports a neuro degenerative disease cause of muscle loss. Author Hindawi 2015. Sorry can't find the article but he has many. Includes recommendations to increase lean muscle: protein req's, vits, other supplements.

  • erash, I read the transcript. I think his answer is a little misleading; I have met several people including myself who have lost muscle mass & weight because of this disease. I think he is right in that exercise targeting specific muscles can help maintain strength & mass in those muscles, but those of us with MS have to do more work to achieve that or loss takes place.

    I'll look up that article, thanks.

  • erash I use whey protein. I've tried some of the others, but always go back to whey.

    I agree, kale is absolutely disgusting in a smoothie. The only way I can Kale is baked in the oven into kale chips. Even then I have to kill the taste with cayenne pepper.

  • BillD999 I've not tried carrots or celery in a smoothie, just spinach or cabbage. I do rotate the cherries out with blueberries or raspberries. I'll have to get more creative with the vegetables.

  • Erash, thanks to being nudged by Agapepilgrim, I have modified my diet and now to use the Wahls Protocol diet. I've only been on it about 2 weeks but the results are already showing period I am very pleased that in the past week I've dropped about 4 pounds in my stomach has finally started to shrink noticeably.😆 I follow Agapepilgrims suggestions that I Stay away from home grain and dairy products. She told me my body can't or lack the enzymes to use them and break them down properly.

    It's rather simple, I make sure I eat 5 helping of fruits or vegetables before I am allowed to eat anything else. And like I said I'm very pleased with my results so far. If I have to break down and have one piece of bread I make sure I keep sourdough bread in the house. I read an article that it is actually somewhat good for you because it is fermented and adds good bacteria to your intestines. One slice of sourdough bread also has 4 grams of protein.

    I just wanted to share my positive results with everyone who might be considering this diet. I will make sure that I keep everyone posted about my continued success hopefully on this diet. Thank you for all you do erash! You are appreciated and I hope you know what a vital part of this chat room you have become.🤗😆

  • Fancy1959

    I've been grain free X yrs. I have heard sour dough bread is a better option if u r going to eat bread.

    I have to get back to following Wahls (at least more greens since like CalfeeChick i yuck 😝at the thought of organ meat) as I did feel better.

    I don't necessarily need to lose weight...but my lean muscle mass is disappearing and being replaced by fat despite my best efforts to be active.

  • Fancy1959, I follow the Wahls Protocol myself(pretty much) and I encourage you to stick with it. I believe that it has helped slow my progression although it has not stopped it.

    My main failing is that I have a hard time consuming the amount of veggies in a day that she recommends. I am pretty good about keeping the carbs & sugar down. I am not grain free but I am gluten & dairy free. There is gluten free bread & pasta as I'm sure you know; one of the main elements of the diet is to keep the carbs down to a smaller portion of our daily intake.

    Good luck!

  • I love this discussion! Its given me some new ideas. I can't implement them until I'm back in my own place so I've taken some notes. : )

  • Thanks erash and BillD999 for all your support! I will keep you posted every week on my progress.

  • Cheering you on Fancy1959 🎉

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