Appointment surprise

Had my annual neurologist appointment today. He said I'm doing the same as last year, which is great.

But the best news is my first neurologist, who I loved, was at the clinic (he moved out of state). He said he had space for me if I want it since my neuro is retiring. I'm super excited! I was bummed when he moved!

He only comes to the clinic about once a month but since I'm pretty stable it should work out great!

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  • It's always a great thing when you have a great relationship with your Neurologists!☺ So happy things worked out for you!


  • Sounds like a great appointment all the way around! Happy for you, StacyHayward.

  • Always Great to hear good news happy for you

  • Hurrah! I love hearing good news, and that's really good news!

  • That is great!! So happy that your Neuro is back!!

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