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Fitbit followup


So after two weeks I had to discontinue using my Fitbit. I was experiencing severe pain in my wrist. I tried taking a day off and when I put it on again I had shocking pain and couldn't get it off fast enough. It felt like I was licking a 9 volt battery only on my wrist!

Online research says I'm not the only one who's experienced this sensation. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

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At least you gave it a go.

Perhaps contact the mfg. for a reimbursement?

StacyHayward in reply to erash

I would except I'm the only one bothered by it. My son and husband can wear it without problem.

erash in reply to StacyHayward

StacyHayward is there a warning about this in the package insert? Might still try for reimbursement unless others are using it. They certainly don't want bad pr

That's strange. I wonder if you had it on too tight.

StacyHayward in reply to Iona60

Nope not too tight. I think I'm just broken.

StacyHayward No surprise from my experience: I can wear a wind up watch but not one with a battery. Give a new battery powered watch to me, and it will die within two weeks. In my teaching, this was annoying, but happened so frequently that I finally just took little kitchen timers (with batteries) everywhere I went since things only die if I wear them.

StacyHayward in reply to goatgal

Yeah today my wrist was throbbing just with my normal watch. Maybe I'm growing more sensitive. I've noticed I can't put my phone in my pants pocket or it bothers me too.

pmbevac in reply to goatgal

Goatgal - Now that is strange. I knew a guy in the Army that could not wear mechanical watches - even a Baby Ben alarm clock would stop if too close to him. He was fine with battery watches. Some joke there about a magnetic personality I'm sure.

I have moved my fitbit to my waist band when i wear pants with belt loops. I found it doesnt count my steps accurately on my wrist

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