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iron infusions

I was wondering if anyone had iron infusions. What was your experience?

I ask because I am currently having it and I don't see the benefit. I sleep more and longer. The reason I was having the infusions is because my hemoglobin was 7.3 Yes I was asked how I was walking around or how are you sitting in front of me. Strange part about it I felt fine.

I was fatigued because of the MS but only because of the meds. I have always been anemic I was told my body doesn't absorb iron. I tried iron pills years ago but I had adverse affect from it. There is a reason businesses say they don't have public bathrooms.

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HI rjoneslaw... Never had iron infusions but have been anemic. When I first started with my current primary care doctor, she found that I was anemic despite taking an iron supplement and a multivitamin everyday. It turns out that my B12 levels were extremely low. Once we fixed the B12 level, the anemia went away and hasn't returned. I take B12 everyday. I know there are different causes of anemia...mine was related to low B12.


I do take B12 pills as well. Thanks for the kind words

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Hope you feel like a million bucks after the infusions rjoneslaw

People adapt to slow gradual low hemoglobin but still takes its toll.


Thanks for the kind words

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