I have been having like a chain of MS flares over the past several weeks--I have days where I just am exhausted and nauseated all day long, and toward the end of the day my head starts to hurt, and then there are other days where my balance is so awful that I just keep falling and am terribly dizzy. My medication hasn't been changed but I feel as if I have "medicine head" or am just overmedicated as if someone were stepping on my head. My vision seems to have gotten worse and as I look back this seems to have been the start of it, but I just had a complete ophthalmic exam and got new glasses, which all of a sudden don't seem effective. I am going to call the opthamologist and make another appointment although he said that I didn't need to come back for a year, and then I see my neuro in a couple weeks. Anyone else experienced this?

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  • Hi Sukie427 , I wondered where you were, thought you may of gone galavanting to some exotic place on your bucket list. Sorry that you have been so poorly, what kind of ms do you have? My balance is way off, I fall backwards all the time and I feel as if I am drunk in my head all the time. My neurologist says it's all because of the brain liesions so I guess I have to put up with it. I feel more secure with my Walker . Sorry I can't help you with medication, but how is your back now? The Harley ride was on my bucket list. I have 3 children so I gave them each something I wanted to do that was on my bucket list. I wanted to get back on a horse after such a bad accident, so they arranged for me to go to a specialist place for riding for the disabled but I backed out in the end, as I could not envisage riding around a ménage in circles after been able to gallop over acres, so I decided to live with my memories. The third thing was for my eldest son to drive me on the quad bike around the farm but that as yet to happen due to the lanes being so wet. Anyway hope you get answers to your question, hope you feel better soon. Blessings Jimeka

  • Oh Jimeka, I know what you are going through with the bucket list. I so want to get back on my bicycle. There are commercials on TV of all the beautiful coastal areas of California that I have been fortunate to have ridden my bike on. It's so hard to accept I may just have to appreciate the memories. My Tues/Wed ride group goes by my house and I get tearful. I should be with them. My bucket list seems so mild, just want to see the deep snow, once more. Go visit where I was born and visit my parents gravesite.. I swear I will go to the area of one of my favorite bike rides, a 65 mile ride around a lake called Clearlake. Just to visit the many friends I've met there and share the good times. I've already made reservations for Oct. Just have to either get back to driving or ride up with a friend. As you can tell, this is one of those days when I'm a little down when I should be celebrating all the wonderful blessings in my life. Thank goodness for this group and my new friends here.

  • Dear jimeka and CalfeeChick i hope your dreams come true and you can complete the things on your bucket list and so much more 🌈

  • Awe thank you x

  • Thank you so much, been a bit of a down week. lots of rain and feeling so cooped in..

  • Sorry you are gong through all of this. I'm just getting started with medications, Gabapentin for the numbness and tingling. I experience balance issues and some feeling like i've drank too much alcohol. Medicine head is a good description. Haven't had any eye problems, but this morning I noticed I could see the TV better without my glasses. That was a first. Best to you, Sukie. Always good to see you here, Lynn

  • Sukie427 so sorry you've not been feeling well. Have u contacted your neuro? Sending you well wishes!

  • Ugh... I definitely relate to medicine head and stomach and body... I've had MS for 30+ years and take pills morning, noon, and night along with shots 3 dayz a week so I chalk it up to better living through chemistry. I have been blessed in that it took 30 years to become so reliant on meds to enjoy a better quality of life. That said, I'm a stubborn redhead who won't give in nor give up so I accept my fate. I also lost my brother to muscular dystrophy who struggled with his degenerative disease and died at 21 after living half of his life in a wheelchair. I most definitely got the better disease! (Sister has fibromyalgia--my family is a neurological mess...

    My outlook is to keep on keeping on knowing my little happy pill (Cymbalta) is one of my best pills to combat the MonSter that is trying to control my life. I AM WOMYN, HEAR ME ROAR!!! xo Cj

  • ddeadred, I take baclofen, gabapentin, Celexa and levothyroxine. Your family sounds a lot like my family's history my mother, sister and brother all have thyroid disease. Two of my grandsons have spinal muscular atrophy type 2 and their mother my daughter, has fibromyalgia and is being tested for SMA and some other neurological problems. I don't know where you are from but my family is from Michigan, the southeastern part and there is a lot of industrial waste that was released into the environment in the past'

  • Western PA--also lots of industrial as well... Pittsburgh pollution through at a distance... one town Karns City constantly reeks in its own way... Ford City, my Daddio's boyhood home has Union Carbide... YUCK I've often made that connection between environment and disease... Muscular Dystrophy is carrier by the womyn--I'm a carrier therefore no kidz from me... Shut that off at 33--last thing I wanted was a child with MD who'd face the same fate as my brother, dead at 22 after half of his life in a wheelchair with muscles wasting away (LOVE YOU BILLY!!! You taught me to FIGHT my own MonSter with ALL THAT I"'VE GOT!!!

  • Sounds like more than the light vertigo/dizziness/nausea I get, Sukie427. A trip back to the opthamologost, prior to your neuro appt in a few weeks, might help your neuro better pinpoint the problem. I recently saw my neuro and she wants my opthamologist to confer with her regarding my recent vision issues. Is it possible you have extremely dry eyes? That can affect your vision. We think that is my problem. Hope you feel better and get some answers soon. 💕

  • Hi Sukie427 love that saying "medicine head" 😕 Sorry that your having it. I think we all experience it at some point or another? I know when my sinuses are really bad l am horribly dizzy to the point l don't want to stand. Vertigo acts up extremely bad.

    Talk to your Drs about it! Don't put it off, find out what the cause is and see if there is something there can do for you!


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