What's Your Smile?

What your smile from the weekend. So often we think of happy thoughts of births, marriages, But l don't want that, l want a happy thought about YOU!

I woke up this morning, remembering another life, lol l was what 19-20. Had a plane ticket to anywhere in the US. And 25 bucks. New job didn't start for a wk. My grandma was in Hawaii, off l went. I had the most wonderful time, l was single and l looked good! That's My Smile!

What's yours!


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  • The first one that comes to mind: crossing the finish line Disney marathon and knowing my time was good enuf to qual for the Boston Marathon.

    The second: taking the trip of a lifetime to Africa.

    The 3rd delivering a baby (someone else's). I cried at the miracle!

    So many more popping up in my head and I won't bore u further but they do make me SMILE!

    Thanks! Jesmcd2

  • 'Nanna I'm here' need I say more. X

  • My smile....

    Was when I was 5. When it would rain my father and I would would set out chairs in the garage. We would watch the storm roll in and that smell of rain would hit me and I would breath it in. I love that. So when ever a storm rolls in here in TX I grab my kids and we so the same thing. It feels like I'm back in my childhood. That's where I learned about patience and understanding of nature. Also brings a tear to my eye.

    Thank you Jes for making me remember the good times!



  • Stepinup would you believe there's a word for smell of the rain..."pet richer"

    Your description is much more beautiful 😊

  • I was in the Italian Dolomites walking the high route no 2 with 2 other girls. We had to climb 60 peaks in 3 years so we went where we go climb as many as we could in 3 weeks. One afternoon near the end of the route out of no where came bandits, well we didn't no whether to laugh or cry. So we did as good British girls do, grabbed our ice axes and screamed. They ran away. Next village the snaps went down very well. We still laugh to this day when we meet up, 40 years ago, blessings Jimeka

  • jimeka i believe they call that bad*ss 😊👊

  • Totally!

  • jimeka, I'm staying on your good side!

  • The best time (and smile) I had was when I was 14 and lay in the side yard watching the meteor shower. All the meteors seemed to just keep going, the flew by so quickly. SO MANY OF THEM!

    The first time I took my daughter outside (I think she was about 10) to watch her first meteor shower was another time I was so happy and couldn't stop smiling. She has loved watching meteor showers since then.

    Between watching meteor showers and seeing constellations always makes me smile.


  • It's Fancy1959 and I can't pick one smile out in particular. There was of course the birth of my sons. It is hard to realize that something so painful can bring such joy and love into your life. Throughout my life many of my smiles have been dependent upon the times and hours I've been up on horseback. Being on a magnificent and powerful beast and enjoying the power you are capable of controlling and becoming one with is a truly exhilarating and amazing feeling. And recently as the memories of riding my horses on amazing adventures, of playing sports, hiking and backpacking, and of being so very active grow dim i am simply happy to get up each morning and have another glorious day to enjoy the beautiful Kentucky countryside and pray that a cure for this dreaded monster is not far away.

  • jesmcd2, by the way, this was an awesome post! i don't understand how there aren't more responses. Each and every answer touched my heart! 💓 Fancy1959.

  • I agree! Wonderful post Jesmcd2

    I too 😊As I read each one and could feel others smiles as they wrote these memories.

    We need to capture these smiles in a jar and pull them out on rainy days 🌤

  • Thirty six and two thirds years ago when I was standing at the alter in church as my betrothed gently walked down the aisle with her brides maids, to organ music she had selected, for our wedding was the most beautiful experience of my life. :)

  • Doesn't count dmaskal1 , it has to be YOUR Smile, something besides the normal.☺

  • Sorry, but every time I remember I smile.

  • Nothing to be sorry about, it was your wedding!

  • That is a wonderful memory tho 😘

  • I have many smiles. The summer we spent camping because my dad had to leave town for work and we didn't want to be seperated as a family is one of my fondest memories. The summer I was an exchange student in Switzerland was another great one! Talking to a young man who spoke only German and I who spoke only English using a dictionary to communicate, The day my husband and I got married and so many more. Too many to choose just one.

  • When my daughter was 9 years old (she is 31 now) we bought her an augmentative speech device (like a touch screen laptop before they and iPads were popular) so that she could communicate with us. She had never spoken before. We set it up for the technician to bring it to her school so that her teachers could learn how to use it along with us. The tech showed us that there were pictures (pic symbols) that you could program to say words or sentences that pertained to the pictures. He set up a simple one of a person waving to say "hello" and asked my daughter to touch that button on the screen. She did and a child's voice said "Hello". My daughter got really excited and said "hello" back to it. The thing is, my daughter had never said a word before, she had made baby noises but no words. The teachers and I were shocked! The tech looked confused and said that he thought she could not talk and we just busted out laughing and crying, trying to convince him that she never had before.

    We kept the device for a few years and she learned how to talk by listening to it and repeating what it said when she pushed the buttons on the screen. We finally donated it to the school for someone else to use. We had tried to teach her ourselves, for all of those 9 years but, I guess she wasn't ready until she heard that computerized child's voice.

    That is my smile!

    I had put others but deleted them when I thought of this.

  • What a memory, it would put a smile on anyone's face, but I must admit I had a tear as well, thank you your story is beautiful, blessings Jimeka

  • Thank you.

  • Reading this gave me chills and brings tears to my eyes. So happy this worked for your daughter.

  • Thank you.

  • Oh Morllyn that story brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful!

    My niece had a form of mutism that (via a brief course of Prozac) and likely natural development, she overcame. We can't shut her up now (not that we want to). 😊

  • That is wonderful!

  • Beautiful!

  • Sometimes those single memories can get us through the the day when we need it the most. Hang on to it. And ☺

  • This memory always makes me laugh. While camping when I was 11, my dad and I walked quite a ways to the bathroom. Unfortunately, or luckily, my dad and I both exited the rear entrance of the bathrooms in error. My dad always had a horrible sense of direction and we were lost. A car load of beautiful French ladies saw us wondering aimlessly and stopped and offered us a ride to go for pizza with them. All my dad understood was the word "pizza". He knew they would have to pass our tent, which was near the campground entrance, to exit for pizza. We jumped in and he shouted for them to stop when he saw our tent. Leaving them confused, we thanked them and jumped out. God bless that man, he was so resourceful!

  • I'm so blessed to have so many, but couldn't choose one. I'm so glad you asked the question because I'm living the chance to read such beautiful responses.

  • Remembering a vacation my wife and I took aboard a cruise ship from one Hawaiian island to another makes me very happy.

  • Remembering when before I even had defended for my Ph.D. I had already received three job offers at three very large successful companies.

  • Remembering doing crazy things in high school band with my girl friend who would some day be my wife.

  • Remembering taking my beautiful and funny high school girl friend to the prom.

  • Remembering when I and my high school girl friend were going to different universities for our undergraduate degrees, hers in music education and mine in biochemistry, and when we weren’t at our summer jobs, we really enjoyed being together during summer breaks.

  • Remembering my wife would always tease me I didn’t really have a brain because off some of the stupid things I did at home. And then remembering laughing when I showed to my wife my first MRI I got from my first neurologist, and then she asked me to whom did this picture of a brain really belong since she knew I didn't really have one.

  • I have had great fun, and many smiles, reading all these responses. I couldn't think of one to write at first but then remembered when my boys were little, they would gather up any pillows they could find, pile them in the middle of the living room floor, and call it "soft city". We would spend lots of time snuggling, or I would read to them, it was a wonderful memory! Thanks for the chance to think about it.

  • Fishing in Minnesota during annual family vacation (from age of 2 until MS at 48). Four genertions of family sitting around a campfire enjoying peace and quiet - seeing thousands of stars in the heavens.

  • My smile is a combined memory of 16 years ago when I rode (bicycle) 100 miles for the first time and last May when I rode a different route, 101 miles. My goal is to get back onto my bike and be able to ride shorter distances.

  • Jesmcd2

    Today as I was trying to comfort my 8 yr old grandson, he was having one of his days where he becomes disrespectful and says things that break my heart to hear from an 8 yr old. I suggested he and his sister and I go find their Dads Art drawings and basketball trophies. A distraction and something I felt would boost his confidence. In the process of looking for those I came across a birthday card my Dad sent to me on my 50th B-Day. In it he wrote "I sure want to thank you for all the things you have done for me. As I have said times before that if I had ordered a daughter my order would have been just like you except for you would have had Blue Eyes. HAHA I love you so much! Dad"

    Although it made me teary eyed and emotional as I read it out loud to my granddaughter and grandson, that card reminded me of happier times. Those moments I can never have again. Thats when reality hit me, in May I'll be celebrating my 60th birthday and for the first time in my life I won't be receiving a card from my Dad. It was fate I came across this particular B-Day card today. I really needed something uplifting as I've been feeling very down for what seems like forever. It reminds me "I'm still alive and have lots to live for." This card will always make me remember just how much we both meant to each other and all the wonderful years I had with my Dad. Even though the backside of this story is sad it still made me happy when I came across this particular birthday card.

    Ironically, I am now at the same age when my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told without treatment she would not see her 60th birthday. She lived to be 60 1/2 and this April she will have been gone 29 years. I had so many more years with my Dad. I guess that's why I've been doing a lot of reflecting back on my own life. I have grown kids and their spouses and all these beautiful grandkids that I know are the biggest reason I keep my chin up and continue to keep on going. That was my smile for today. 😜🙏😇

    Thanks Jesmcd2 for helping to think more positively.

  • Reading so many "Smiles" brings me so much joy! Always remember we might have MS, but it doesn't define us. We are our past! It's what's made us who we are today! To bring us to our future, stronger.

    And everyone has a Smile.☺


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