MRI and MRA burning sensation anyone?

So I just had my MRI/MRA done and never experienced this type of pain in any of my other scans. I told the assistant conducting the scan that I felt dizzy and my skin felt on fire (left side and top of head) My eyes we watering so bad! It hurt. The technition told me that it's probably the side cheek pillows that hold your head still. Nope! It hurt so bad and I still hurt. I complained in a friendly manner but was told that never happens. I was never given an explanation. Now I'm here with what feels like a big sun burn on my face and head.. Ouch!

Anybody else experienced this at all?!

Feeling 🌞 burned


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  • Stepinup, what you've experienced sounds awful. I wonder whether you had an allergic reaction to something when you were having your MRI/MRA done.

  • I have never had an MRA but I have heard of people experiencing discomfort with the dye they use. Hope the burning sensation and pain have worn off by now, blessings Jimeka

  • Hi Stepinup if not a reaction to the dye used, maybe to the cleaning solution used on the cheek pillows? Hope you are feeling better.

  • Thanks everyone! Feeling much better. Wow I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone...just plan awful!

  • Stepinup u should let neuro know. They may be able to use different contrast next time. Or sometimes, they can do a non contrast MRI depending on stable symptoms

  • Wow Stepinup l completely agree with what erash said! Tell your Neurologists! I hope you still feel better! When do you get the results?


  • I'm so glad you're doing better. I would also get a message to the radiologist, or at least the department in general, as well as your neurologist. That information should not only be in your chart, but also listed as a possible problem for other patients.

  • Ok I will ask, what is an MRA? MRII know but MRA is a new one on me. After 15+ yrs they're is still new acronyms to amuse me. Royce smiling at the really small stuff.

  • An MRA is the image of your brains veins and arteries I believe.

  • Thanx, appreciate it, Royce

  • We're you wearing any type of makeup or mascara at the time?

  • I had this same Experience on Friday - I WAS wearing makeup - no one told me not too-

    Face burning - so awful - I feel like an idiot that I didn't know NOT to wear makeup. Sooooo worried that this burning sensation will not go away .

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