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Amazing Spouse

My wife is truly amazing. We met in college and married after I graduated. I went to graduate school in another state. My girlfriend transferred to another college near where I was going to graduate school.

Housing was a premium where I was getting to graduate school, and we took 2 rooms in an apartment. My parents insisted we get married. I was 19, and my girlfriend was 18.

They said it would never last. Now it's 42 years later, and we have 3 kids and 2 grandkids.

The marriage has survived my MS of 30 years.

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I find myself staring at the keyboard and smiling, as I reflect upon how richly the Lord has indeed blessed you and your family, mserinNJ.

So often, we can become consumed by the challenges that we face (or the ones that we commonly share as part of this disease). Indeed, sharing our common struggles would seem to be a key part of this Community's basic mission.

At the same time, however, it's just as important (or more so) that we collectively celebrate our blessings, too.

It made my day to share in your moment of gratitude. Thanks for being kind enough to share the moment.



Welcome mserinNJ Your going to have to tell me your secret. You and your family are truly blessed 💕 What state are you in? Are you still in the same state you fell in love?

I hope you find our chat, friendly and informative. But most of all Supportive! I hope you take a look around and jump in at anytime ☺ As you can tell we talk about pretty much anything and everything here.

*Helpful Hint* If you put an @ of the person you're talking to they will be notified, ~with no spaces~. IE @ jesmcd2 but no spaces 😁



I'm in NJ, hence my user ID. We fell in love in PA. We were both attending the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.

There's no secret. The only thing I can thing of is resolving all issues on the day they come, and not letting go to the next day.

I couldn't figure out how to do the notification trick you mention, so I'm just including the text here @jesmcd2


mserinNJ love your secret! I should try that with my boyfriend. Although l don't like when we go to bed mad.

No worries about the trick☺ Just glad to see you back! How have you and your wife been?



mserinNJ GasLight has eloquently responded. He speaks for many of us.

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Hi! I posted a very similar thing. I also am so so very blessed with a spouse of 20 years that even before MS I could not picture my life without. It is so amazing to hear the posts in response to mine, as well as read yours. I am also so happy you feel blessed enough to write about as I did. It is amazing!

Have an awesome weekend!


mserinNJ, what a wonderful post! I can only second what others here have already said in response. But two songs instantly flashed into my mind (no jokes about the holes and loose marbles, my friends 😉). They sum up how your testimony has touched me this morning:

Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One...and...A Few of My Favorite Things (sung by Barbra Streisand)

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