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About 3 months into my diagnosis, I noticed the toilet seat being in the down position one night and mentioned it to my husband. He said he had been putting it down for me. This is after many years of marriage, and him asking me why would a guy put it down after use. Being old and old-fashioned, I suggested that it was a kind, gentlemanly gesture, but there was no response. He's such a sweetheart, but it didn't occur to him how nice it was for me for him to do that until I had MS. So on days when I can't think of much in the way of positives, I'll think on this!

I'll bet you all have some slightly odd benefits you've received from having this thing.

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  • This made me smile, Greaterxp : ) Sometimes it's the smallest gestures that can mean the most. There are 2 males in my home : my son and my partner so I suspect I stand no chance of this ever happening ! Not just a seat issue - the nights I have got up to use the loo and limped back with a pained expression and suspiciously damp sock ! Wish all men would 'aim' to please ! : )) x

  • Oh how that made me laugh!

  • angelite I have 3 males in my house so the seat is rarely down here either.

  • Toilet seat is always in the down position after I fell in one night more than 20 yrs. ago. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

  • Aww that's awesome greaterexp it is the smallest things sometimes😊 We just have to reme to look for it and thank them!

    How are you feeling? When is your next appointment? I forget?😞 Where's Tutu with that spreadsheet? I'm gonna fire her πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


  • If someone had been willing to swap or share some of their marbles with me, I'd have had the thing done by now, Jesmcd2! As it is, this scarecrow brain of mine...hmmm...now what were we talking about again? πŸ™„

  • I thought jimeka was going to share her marbles Tutu ☺ or was that chocolate? Where is she anyway? She's been very quiet.πŸ˜• Have you heard from her?


  • Just hung up with her Jesmcd2. She's had a busy couple of days. We all know how that is! I'm sure she'll be back soon. She'll be happy to know how much she is missed. πŸ’ž

  • Is Tutu in charge? Great! That takes a load off!

    Bless you for asking. It's still an adventure, and I'm thinking that the deficits I have may be my new normal. Left side weakness, muscle tightness, spasms, and some pain are still with me, but I thank God that I am walking! I finally got insurance approval to start Copaxone, and am just waiting for the doctor to get the Rx to the proper pharmacy. I won't see her until April, since she is having her baby soon. (She was rather thoughtless in planning a baby before I had this relapse.😊) She suggested that 6 months would be a general time frame for seeing if symptoms go away.

    How are YOU doing, you sweet thing?

  • I hope they all go away soon for you!😊 With the holidays over and things settling down, we can all relax ☺ greaterexp

    I was a stay home mom until my divorce. They were in elementary then. Turns out l was a better mom when l was working.πŸ˜… But l didn't take lunch so got home for the bus in the afternoon.πŸ’•

    Congrats Karen-x 😊

  • Can't believe your neuro was that inconsiderate greaterexp! πŸ˜‰ Sounds like you're being well taken care of though. Happy to hear your insurance came through.

    If I'm in charge of the spreadsheet, I hope everyone's brain works as well as mine does. Maybe you'll forget about the spreadsheet. Or that I'm working on it. πŸ˜‚

  • You can certainly count on me to forget. There, it's done!

  • Never say never, Greaterxp : )

    I too am v. grateful to be back on my 'new' legs and walking short distances, however slowly ( and only 1 stick now ! ) I have found I seem to make the most progress during the month after the end of relapse but can see smaller improvements beyond that. Practice makes progress ( as opposed to perfect ! ) I always like to say, 'This is not the finished product' : )

    Baaad legs, scaring us half to death like that ! : )) Angela x

  • I am finally a stay at home mom. Granted I only have three teens left but I love knowing I will be here when they walk in from school.

  • What a blessing to be there with your kids! I worked very little so could homeschool my kids, and I loved it all. They seem very glad I was home, too. It's rough to have little choice, but family time is precious!

  • Only?

  • Well, my hubby and I have a blended 9 children.

  • We only have 6. I hope yours is a blessed household!

  • My benefit since my MS diagnosis is that I get to keep the house as cold as I want. My wonderful husband walks around bundled up. He's even worn the scarf that I knitted him for Christmas inside, and we live in Florida.

  • Wow! That's one great husband!

  • This is so sweet greaterexp and made me smile to think your husband is being so considerate and thinking of you 😊

    It is the small things ❀️

  • I ALWAYS put the seat down before flushing so that the germsdon't spread throughout the room through the micro-droplets of germs don't coat the bathroom and everything on open surfaces... Simple science... Personally, I keep my toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, but I still close the seat by habit~~simply MORE sanitary...

  • By the way, even the Neanderthal with whom I lived for 15 years LEARNED to close the seat... LOL...

  • I love that you have such a wonderful hubby who puts the seat down for you!

    This whole conversation has made me smile and feel warm & fuzzy!

  • Considerate & gentlemanly thing to do. Tell him I said good work mate. Royce

  • What a sweetheart he has become!

  • He's always wonderful, but it's so lovely when someone goes out of their way a bit to make us feel more comfortable. Those little things speak volumes. Even as I chuckle about it, I just love it and appreciate it!

  • I had a very unusual encounter the other day. I stepped out of the shower at the marina restroom (we were camping on our sailboat) and the woman in the shower next to mine, stepped out. I didn't know her. We shared a 'hello' as we dressed. Then, she said, "I've seen you around. Do you have MS?"

    To make a long story short, she told me she also has MS! Here we were, two total strangers, hugging one another as we dressed in a public restroom. MS may make me walk funny. But it also blesses me with new friends!

  • So true! I've found so many lovely, supportive people here! It's wonderful that you met friend, albeit it in a strange way!

  • Makes me think of 2 Cor 1:3-4. πŸ˜‰

  • Greaterexp, it's Fancy1959. Having lived in my house my husband and three sons I actually decided especially when the boys were young that it was a blessing that the seat was up because that way I never had to worry about there being any dribbles to catch me by suprise when i sat on the seat. So I guess it's all in how you look at it and it's based on your experiences.πŸ˜‰

  • There is that, Fancy!

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