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My RRMS was unofficially diagnosed when I was a child of 8 years old at Boston's Children Hospital back in the late 70's. I pat myself on the back many times to congratulate myself on being one of the "rare" cases of MS to be diagnosed back in the day....as I laugh to myself. Official diagnosis was September 10th , 2001 by one of the best neuro's on the east coast. Did it make it any better- NOPE but his character & manners when dealing with patients is a cut above anything I've ever had. He is down to earth and at times just a man like myself. I thank the Universe for him in my life. At present, I am only having spasms on my left side and they can be painful & a thorn in my side through out the day but at least I'm walking, talking & all systems are good for now. LOL. IF anyone reading this would like to know about a speedy recovery I had with my last major exacerbation let me know. I'll be glad to share the off the wall recovery I experienced with some of my own research. Post recovery I even shocked my neuro with the new MRIs I had done post recovery. It was funny to see the puzzled look on his face. Namaste everyone.


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  • Would love to learn about your speedy recovery methods. Did they help with disabilities that had been there before your exacerbation?

  • Please tell...

  • You've got me curious also Fuzzman lol

  • Me too! Come on... let's hear it!!! Never leave a lady waiting! LOL!!!

  • Oh, please do tell!

  • Come on then, share!

  • Are you taking any of the MS drugs ? I'm a 37 yr. Veteran , I'm taking Ampyra , I've done all the injectables though out the years and they didn't help me , as I could walk without a cane then and now I need a walker. I would like to hear about your last exacerbation's + your fast track back. Namaste

  • Elle61

    I take high doses of vitamin D (15,000iu's to 25,000iu's) per week for 4 weeks and I feel like a million bucks. I was on Copaxone but dropped it like a kidney stone.

  • The only thing that has helped me is steroids. time has not been on my side over the last 5 years. am housebound.

  • Reiki helps me at times. I have learned many alternative ways to help me back when i could. Laughter and Namaste are great.

  • gobble high does of vit D3 at 5,000ius per pill. Eat 15,000ius TO 25,000ius per week for 4 weeks. Don't exceed the 4 weeks.

  • I like the steroids too because they work, however it wears on your bones. I broke a bone in my foot recently from bone lose from steroid use . After 37 years , I guess this doesn't surprise me , now I only do them if it is absolutely necessary.I had a Dr. who prescribed 1000mgs IV solumedrol once a month , along with Avonex .

  • I stay the HELL AWAY from steroids-yuck!

  • They are good for a major attack , but that is it...

  • I got two treatments back to back and I LOATHE them...for a major attack I can send you what I did.

  • I did not read the end well enough, Please tell what helped fellow journeyer.

  • LOL Fuzzman.

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