Calling all MS Warriors in their 20's and 30's to come connect with others fighting this monster we call MS!

If you know of someone who is battling MS or if you find yourself is in the fight of your life against this dreaded monster and have yet to hit 40, we need to hear from you!

I believe that there is an entire younger generation out there that feel like they are not being supported and are not part of the MS community at large. This post is designed to make you realize you are not alone in this fight against MS!

You are very important to us and we are trying to connect you with one another as well as with the entire chat room. I believe that you can bring new insights and knowledge to share with us about your fight against MS, In return we can share with you all the wisdom and knowledge we have obtained from years of fighting this disease. By sharing our stories of our successes and of failures with each other we can learn much about MS. It also helps everyone to connect with others their own age. This connection will help you to cement a bond with others and make you realize you are not alone in this fight. So come be a part of our extended family and find others in your generation to connect to that have MS as well!

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  • Can l be 30 again? 😁

  • @Jessmcd2, Only if I can be 29 and holding!👱😎

  • Hello fancy I'm 36 fighting since I was 29.

  • Hello and welcome Jbhnan from Fancy1959. You have found a safe place to voice your concerns, ask question, and simply talk to others you truly understand what you are going through. The members of this chat room are some of the most caring, kind, and compassion people you would ever hope to meet. Do you no any other 20 or 30 year olds that are currently fighting this monster we call MS. Is so i would please invite them to join our family. I was hoping to put together a support group within our family for the younger generation fighting with monster. What therap you are currently on? What ever therapy you are on, pleas follow your doctors advice to make sure you keep this monster in check. If you need to talk we are only a post away. I need you to remember that together we are stronger and together we are going to beat this monster! Fancy

  • Hello, I'm 34 & been fighting MS since I was 27.

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