Flare Up From Sickness?

Hello Fam. I'm writing from bed. I've been quarantined with a horrible head cold that woke me in the middle of the night. My 84 yr old Mother-in-law lives with to care for our 3 yr old while we work. Needless to say, we don't want her to get sick..for her sake as much as ours.

I wanted to know how likely it is or isn't that this illness would provoke a flare up? My Neurologist asked if I had been sick before any of my flare ups. So is there a connection?

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  • cassielynn71 , I read it's common that'll colds, and flus, and even urinary infections can cause MS flairs. I just logged on the National MS Society's site to read more about it and it also says certain disease- modifying drug users shouldn't be exposed to live flu vaccines! This is crazy, and I understand why now I was told by my MS Nurse not to do so due to the immune system being low cause of the drugs interaction with it. Wow!!

    Moreover, if you'd like to know more about MS flairs, the MS society offers a live chat feature that'll enable you to discuss your concerns with a MS Nurse.


  • Thanks!!!

  • Cassielynn71, hello and welcome to a wonderful chat room from Fancy1959. You have found a very safe place where you can ask questions Express concerns for information like you're currently doing from the most kind considerate and compassionate people I have run across in a long long time. I'm glad you found it and I'm glad you're posting to ask when you're done and out.

    First and foremost you need to always check with your family doctor or neurologist for any medical advice you need especially if you're looking for a prescription or even over-the-counter homeopathic herbs and stuff like that. Some can be very strong and interact with your Ms therapy Without You realizing it.

    Next I would just like to let you know that each person responds differently to different stresses on their body with their MS. If I run a temperature as an example get the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia etc. I get extremely sick. I turn into a massive puddle of jello and I cannot do a single thing. I just collapsed on the floor and I am down and out. Typically for these type of infections I get to my family doctor but if they don't like what it looks like they will send me to a neurologist.

    If you remain till tomorrow give your general practitioner call to see if your cold has gone bacterial or anything that he can help with. Good luck and keep us informed. Please take care of yourself also and I would like you to remember that together we are stronger!

  • Thanks Fancy1959 I appreciate the advice as always! I've been here for a while. I probably should've given a heads up that I changed my username from chowell71 to cassielynn71. The chowell71 just felt so impersonal, and I am very at home and comfy in this group! 😊Thanks again. Yah, this same virus is circulating. Myself and 3 other people (there are only 14 of us to begin with) at work were hit with this last night and today. My son and his girlfriend both have it as does one of my close friends. I guess it was inevitable. Right now it's just a virus. Though my sons girlfriends turned into bronchitis. If I get worse I will definitely contact my pcm for an appt. PLZ LET ME FEEL BETTER FOR NEW YEARS! 😊

  • I'm sorry you're sick cassielynn71. God bless your mother-in-law! And a 3yo? My, you have a lot going on. I hope you get better soon and no one else gets sick.

    If you notice any new symptoms or a return of old MS symptoms, give your neuro a call.

    We're all different, but for the most part, I've had an excellent immune system (thanks to MS) and rarely had a flare due to a cold or such. In fact, I rarely caught what was going around. I have to be careful now because I'm on an immunosuppressant and have more than MS to consider. So I avoid sick people and my grandkids when they are 😷.

    UTIs are different-at least for me. They do affect my MS, but others may not have an issue with them.

    Don't stress over it. Rest, put your energies toward getting well, and should anything flare up, contact your doctor. Keeping you in prayer. 💕

  • Thanks Tutu . My husband is on vaca this wk so he is taking such good care of me. My mother in law even poked her head in to tell me she's not afraid and to let her know if I need anything, lol. With the exception of arthritic knees & hearing aids, she's as fit as a fiddle and has a clear mind! She even has a beer with us on wkends, lol. She's a blessing to have around, even when we're butting heads ❤ She raised my husband so I know she's one tough lady!

  • You are all so fortunate to have each other!!!

  • Hi. I woke up last May and my left leg went completely out on me. I was also having severe chest squeezing, like I was wrapped with a very tight ace bandage around my sternum area, and a Migraine that stabbed through my head and out my eye. I went to the ER immediately and they took blood right away, and began checking me for stroke. I had a tickle in my throat so I put a mask on, which also protected me from all the potential cooties around me. The only thing that showed up positive was "Para Influenza 3." I was in quarantine for a week, and this virus that they do nothing for except "wait it out" caused the pain in my chest and head, and paralysis. That was the trigger that kicked me out of Transverse Myelitis (7 years) into MS. The little lesion in my brain grew to the size of a quarter. Because I wasn't diagnosed right away, and given any treatment for MS , I struggled to get around more. MS, I learned, Is very random, but we all need to be aware of our surroundings and who might affect our long term health by exposing us to germs. I hope you get well. Sending prayers to you and your family.

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