Hubby and I are home from Iceland. I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, you will not find any pics of the Northern Lights attached because we didn't see them. "Hunting the Lights" as the Icelanders call it, is not as easy as I had thought! The conditions have to be perfect. These are:1) clear skies; 2) no ambient light; and 3) a good amount of solar wind. Unfortunately, the only condition that was met was the second, as we went out into the country where the weather forecasted a break in the rain clouds which plagued us the entire trip. Just as at home, it is nice to be able to say that Iceland's weather forecasters suck. Also, with my back still healing, I wasn't able to ride an Icelandic pony, either. But, if the MS has taught me anything, it's patience, of which I NEVER had any and only now have developed about a quarter of what I should have, but to me this means that we'll just have to go back! Perhaps on the way to somewhere else, who knows?

The city of Reykjavik is a really cool place, especially decked out for Christmas as it was. However, the dawn didn't come until about 11 a.m. and the sun set about 4 p.m. so it was often too dark to see stuff. But I did go into the warm baths that were built over the geothermal springs they have there; the ambient temperature was about 30 degrees F but the baths were comfortably warm (not too hot for the MS but warm enough to soothe my back). Aside from the very short stumble back into the heated changing room (everyone else ran) I wasn't cold at all. My husband couldn't get used to the time change but I had no problem with the exception of the first day. We left from Seattle and Reykjavik is only a 7 1/2 hr flight but is 8 hrs ahead of Seattle in time. Thus, when we got there, it was bedtime Sunday night in Seattle, but 6:45 a.m. Monday in Reykjavik! We went to the hotel, caught a few hrs.' sleep, and went on a tour of the city. Everything there is very expensive, including food, which I thought was good, especially the lamb. And I got this great hand-knit warm and cuddly wool sweater for probably half what I would pay in the USA. And, to top it all off, I broke the middle finger of my right hand in a stupid stunt with the wheelchair at the Seattle airport on the way home, but a good time was had by all. And since we didn't get to see the Northern Lights and thus they are still on our bucket list, we will continue to "hunt the Lights."

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  • Hi Suki, welcome back. Sorry that the weather conditions did not allow you to see the lights. It sounds as though you enjoyed yourself anyway. How is your finger doing? Over here they don't do anything for broken fingers, just tape it to the next one, so I guess you just have to wait. Pleased your back was ok, you will be riding again in the new year, have a really happy, joyful Christmas. Blessings Jimeka

  • Sukie427 i thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue. What a great adventure, even if no Northern Lights. Sorry to hear about your finger but glad it was on your way home rather than at the start of your trip.

  • Me, too, Erash. It was one of those things that you'd rather laugh at than throw stuff!

  • Hi Suki,

    My friends that have traveled to see the Northern Lights have all gone to places around Fairbanks, Alaska. Don't know if you have considered that. You still need the right conditions but they can be seen there and quite spectacularly. One place I've heard of that might interest you is the Chena Hot Springs resort.

    I was fortunate to see the Northern Lights from a private plane when I was flying back from Minnesota on a trip for work years ago. I don't remember what time of year it was but I remember it was a cold day and the skies were crystal clear. It was an amazing sight.

  • Glad to have you back Sukie, sorry about the finger. You could write a travel log. I enjoyed your adventure.

  • Hi Suki, Thanks for sharing your story!! Too bad you broke your finger, ouch. The lesson here is, book another flight on Wow. You earned it and those Northern Lights will guide you in (so to speak)!! Elis

  • Wow, it sound like you had a great trip Sukie427, except for the clouds and rain that prevented you from seeing the Northern lights! Putting those on the bucket list is good idea. :)

  • Sukie427 what an adventure! But lm thinking your just an accident waiting to happen! Just going to wrap you up in bubble wrap!😅 Sounds like you had a wonderful time anyway tho!

    Next time go to Alaska! It truly is a beautiful state and the Aurora is breathtaking. I wouldn't want to live there again lol but visit sure! 😊


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