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Hi everyone! My name is Rosey. I woke up one morning (on October 6, 2015) numb from my hips down to my toes. My husband and I thought that maybe it would go away, after a few days I started getting things checked out. I had so many MRIs and finally found out it was MS on October 29, 2015. On November 10, 2016 I just fell down when I went to the bathroom. I was paralyzed. It was scary. I was in in the hospital for 2 months and 2 days. On January 12, 2016 I was able to go home only using a cane. I was blessed by God and Family and My awesome, very talented DOCTORS!!!

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  • November 10, 2015******

  • Hi RoseySawyer sounds very scary. Glad you were able to regain some function. Welcome!

  • Thank you.

  • Sorry to hear that you were hit so hard the first attach (or any time)! Glad to here that you walked out of the hospital though, and on my birthday.

  • Hi, RoseySawyer, and welcome. My! What a dramatic introduction to this illness. I'm glad to hear you've mostly recovered, and I hope improvement continues. You are indeed blessed.

  • Rosey, though I'm sorry you have reason to be here, I'm glad you found us. I have found so much information and encouragement here.

    I think most of us can understand those moments of fear, even despair, but know those wonderful, amazing "thank God" moments, too. I had not one symptom on Thanksgiving Day, which we hosted at our house. My daughter and her children are here for Christmas, and I didn't need any muscle relaxers the day they arrived! I'm so thrilled that we can recognize the good things !

  • Hi RoseySawyer what a wonderful welcome MS gave you. I'm so sorry that happened to you. 😞 Are you still up and around? You will be home for the holidays this year, are you ready?


  • Hi. Yes, I am still up and about. I'm get tired alot more quickly and I can sleep alot.

  • Sounds familiar....July 15th 2013 thought I had the flu. Stayed in bed all day, daughter made me get up a 4...walked to a chair in the livingroom about 2 hours later I tried to go to the bathroom and was paralyed from the hip down. Stayed in the hospital until Aug 31st, during which time I was told I had MS and went home in a wheelchair. I starterd using the walker in Oct and have used either a walker or a cane off and on since then. I am currently walking unassisted, simplt because I am determined to be stronger than this MonSter

  • RoseySawyer, it's Fancy1959 welcoming you to this awesome chat room! Your diagnosis that took just over 3 weeks to cofirm tells me your doctors were really on top of your health. I am so sorry that MS literally swept swept your feet out from underneath you so quickly. That was a very dramatic and I'm sure scary way to be introduced to the dark side of MS.

    You're part of our extended family now. We are here, just a post away if you need anything. We are lucky to have caring, kind, and compassionate people here who all have walked many a mile in shoes affected by MS. You can come to us with your questions, concerns, or even your fears. We are glad you are here. Please remember, that together we are stronger.

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