Had difficulty with dianosis

Hi my name is Katherine Smith I'm a newbie I was diagnosed two days before my 58th birthday which was 07/06/2016.... ok it took me 4 yrs to find this out. going to all of my doctors appointments, they looking at me like there is nothing wrong with me or that I was faking it. Until I changed my Neurologist was with him for one year and every appointment I would be explaining these symptoms until he sent me to an Neurologist who specialized in MS after the MRI that I had done in December 2015. Which showed two finger length lesions on top of my brain and two more dot size on my brain plus old lesions as well. She turn to my daughter and myself and said I'm sorry Mrs. Smith but you do have DMS, I was sad for a brief minute but happy at the same time cause I had a Name to put to this thing that had everyone thinking that I was faking it, It was something real now I'm have added Abagio to my list. Me knowing the truth has liberated, me so that I won,t let my condition live me but me live it....Thanking JESUS every day that I am waking up Love YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!

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  • It's amazing how close we can get to God when we here such bad news, as it's been quoted on here before, He won't give us any more than we can handle, God bless Jimeka

  • Yes Jimeka, I was already close to God and I have a very personal walk with him and I also know that he doesn't put more on us than we can bare, but just know this that HE is the head over ALL THINGS and I'm grateful that HE is guiding my path no matter what my cross to bare is, Giving thanks always and lifting his Name up is my agenda......and may God bless you too....

  • Hi, I was dx in 2001. I was having symptoms for 3 years before. I went through tons of test and 3 defferent doctors. I new something was wrong because I have a brother with ms. Jesus is a great listener.

  • You Know it!

  • KatherineSm1th so sorry that it took so long for you to get a dx. So glad you found us tho. :) lt is a strange feeling when you just KNOW something is going on, but others think you're faking it. It's also fustrating. So l know how you felt. It's a good feeling to put a name on it, even if it's not one you want.

  • Yessssssssssss!! so true thank you Jesmcd2

  • KatherineSmith, hello from Fancy1959. Your frustration must have been immeasurable. It sounded like changing your neurologist was definitely the way to go. I was diagnosed when I was 53 but at that time they said I had had Ms for ten-twelve years. I'm currently 57 and I've gone from Relapsing-Remitting MS to Secondary Progressive MS. That is a scary step to take. I think your attitude will make your life very full for you, no matter what effects this dreaded monster, Ms, has on your body. When Ms knocks us down we must get up. Over and over again if need be. All the while we need to keep the faith that perhaps the next new therapy or the next new drug is the one that cures our MS. I would like to welcome you, Katherine, to join our MS Warriors group. Remember, together we are stronger. Fight on MS Warriors, fight!

  • Thank you Fancy!!!! I plan on it (LoL)

  • Katherine it's nice to know that your not the one that's wondering what is going on with your body.I'm Glad for you and good luck and with the help of god your journey will be a blessed one

  • Thanks mik48 !!!!!

  • Welcome Katherine. It is a relief when you have a name for the issues. I was diagnosed in 2007 after almost a year of seeing different doctors.

  • My story is similar. I am 58 as well. It took 6 years for a diagnosis finally in 2013. I, like you, felt a sense of relief that I finally could put a label on my crazy symptoms. You are your own best advocate. You know in your gut when something isn't right. Now that I have an answer, the struggle is what to do about it. Meds-no meds? Is this a symptom or something unrelated? So one day at a time. Keep on moving!

  • Thanks Lolalou!!!

  • Hi Katherine. I also was diagnosed at age 57, but I don't believe that it went undiagnosed for any length of time. It's at least good to know what you have, especially when everyone is doubting you. Your positive attitude should help you carry on through.

  • Thanks Sukie472 .....

  • Hi Katherine, I too was diagnosed at a later age(56) that was 4 years ago after decades of issues that drs couldn't find a reason for. It was always labeled as "stress". Come to find out after a bout of optic neuritis and a series of MRIs that showed old lesions on my spine that my symptoms from 30 yrs ago were from MS. Yes, it's a relief to confirm that it's not all "in my head"!! 🌹

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