it's all new to me

Since my diagnosis 6+ years ago, the summer I reached 70...I've been trying to untangle what's MS and what's age related. I've had occasional bizarre symptoms for more than half my life, but not until I had two that scared me did I complain or seek answers. I have never talked with or known anyone else with MS, nor do I blog or go on all of this is new. But I do feel isolated, so thought I would give this a try, try to learn from others. I haven't had new lesions since I was diagnosed, so take no meds at this time. Tried Ampyra (had an adverse effect), had a difficult reaction to the high dose Fluzone vaccination for seniors (won't do that again!), and at the time of diagnosis 5 days of methyl prednisolone infusion (no effect). Here are my MS goals: maintain my strength and ability, use my brain, stay active.

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  • I like your goals goatgirl. When you have ms you need goals to keep you going. Glad you have joined us, blessings Jimeka

  • Welcome goatgal

    I just read your poem @ TN which was beautifully written.

    So very glad you've joined us here. I have learned much and felt such support and friendship here. I hope you will too.

    I agree with jimeka great goals

    Focus on what u can do, fight to preserve it, and maintain optimism to go beyond 💪🏻

  • I'm glad you joined us and hope you find as much help and support as I have.

  • @goatgal, you and I may be about the same age. My MS was diagnosed when I was 39, but nowadays I'm in the same boat as you--I'm unable to figure out if a symptom is due to MS or "just" aging. Usually though it doesn't matter that much since I'm probably going to stay away from any medicines that are new to me if possible anyway. The experts seem to realize that once you're over a certain age (about 60-65), medicines affect you differently--but they're not sure in just what ways they do affect us. Since that's the way it is, I'm reluctant to go back on Copaxone, which I stopped taking about 5 years ago.

    Like you, I tried the high-dose flu vaccine for seniors. This was a couple of years ago. I reacted so badly to it that from now on I'm insisting on the regular dose, not the high-dose. Even the regular dose can hit me hard but not nearly as badly as that "senior" dose did.

    I think your goals are realistic. I'd like to live as long as I can and refuse to believe that MS will shorten my life.

  • Here, here, Agate, well said, l hope and prayer that's what happens, that you live a long life, let's hope that at 100 you can still dance like Kirk Douglas blessings Jimeka

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