Got my neuro-psych testing results

Mostly no changes. A few declines but still in the average - above average realm. This is good. Of course I don't want to be so cognitively impaired that I can't enjoy a productive life.

But I feel the cog deficits moment to moment, as I walk into a room and have no idea why I'm there, have to work harder to complete more complex tasks, and my word fluency during a conversation is filled with blanks or substitutions for higher level vocabulary choices (ha! I scored above average on word fluency).

However, these problems have had a significant impact on my ability to perform my (mostly cog complex) job. Now I am worried that because I've done ok on the testing I will be denied disability. Any insights from those who have had similar experiences?

I love my work but I'm concerned about making errors and safety for others.

By the way, I did score severely impaired on fine motor skills. Good thing my painting is for my own pleasure 😜

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  • ~ Hugs ~ erash lm glad that things arnt progressing that bad! That's really wonderful news!

    As far ad you're disability goes? You had a demanding job with patients. You can't do it safely anymore and l feel that's the bottom line of it all.

    But lm not them. I would give it to you :)

    And l love your paintings!

    Jes β™‘

  • erash Sorry to hear about your fine motor skills testing, but on a good note , you said not much else has changed. I hope everything works out with your job. That can be frustrating when you depend on disability. It's nice to hear that your artwork isn't affected. We so much enjoy it. I'm keeping you in my prayers.😊

  • Hi Erash,

    I think the cog test results are all relative - a person starting off with a high IQ/function might still fall into the average/above average score, even with damage, since they started from a higher point to begin with. Rather tricky. Are you in the medical care industry ? Is it work that is questioning your ability or your own concerns ?

    The UK disability allowance provider is 'PIP' - Personal Independence Payment. I was lucky enough to be awarded high rate daily living but not the mobility part as I am too mobile !

    What is the American body that deals with disability ? I'd be interested to read their criteria for qualifying. Sorry - I've peppered you with questions !

    Thanks, Angela x

  • angelite I'm hoping to redeem my LTD long term disability insurance rather than SSDI (social security disability) as it reimburses much more, at least initially.

    I don't think my work would question my decision. I've been with them for 25 years. Yes, it's a patient safety concern. And yes, other than the fine motor, which might be remediated via adaptive accommodations, I am too mobile (I work very hard at that and only wish my efforts had stalled the cog decline too).

    I'm concerned that the results of my neuro-psych testing might be fuel for the LTD or SSDI to deny my claim.

    Being the claimant is new to me. Arguing on behalf of my patients to get authorization for testing or equipment is not new to me. Those peer to peer interviews have generally gone in favor of my patients but not without a fight. After all, their role is to save the insurers $

  • I got my LTD and they stopped it at 18 months, saying I wasn't disabled enough.. Then I had to hire attorney and get SSDI..

  • Keep fighting for your disability. I did and finally got it, had to hire an attorney. I think that showed them that I meant it and truly needed it. That was many years ago and it was because of severe arthritis.

  • Hi Erash, my is the other way around, it's the mobility that's going before the cognitive but I may not understand your ways of insurance, be assured that I am with you in prayer, hugs Jimeka πŸŒˆπŸ™

  • jimeka thank you πŸ’

  • Erash, it's Fancy1959. How many times have you gone before a board for your Social Security Disability so far. It is my experience you're going to be turned down for sure the first time. I should tell you my story of the first time later but it was absolutely the most ridiculous mis-managed Social Security Board I had ever seen. You will be turned down in front of a social security person the second time and the third time you will get a hearing in front of a law judge. Now to do a hearing in front of law judge it is advisable to hire an attorney to represent you. From everyone I have talked to that is the typical scenario that almost 90% to 95% of the people who applied have had to go through.😩😞😯

  • Fancy1959 I've only been on medical leave for 5-6 weeks and have applied for LTD (no application for SSDI yet.) we are prepared to contact ALLSUP and an attorney if needed. I see my neuro Monday and will see what they think. They are usually very successful getting disability approvals.

  • As far as the people that I've spoken to nobody is successful getting social security approved the first time or even the second time you try. It's usually the third time with an attorney before a judge that you get anything accomplished. Unless you're blind or there's another disability that's kind of an automatic security Social Security approval. MS doesn't fall in that category as they think we still should be able to work. They don't have a clue. The judge that I had to go before kept saying that my MS waxed and waned like I was some type of moon or something. I just wanted to scream but you know I couldn't.

  • Erash, keep your chin up. I got my Ssdi the first go round, so it does happen. I was so sick they said there was no way they could deny me. I will keep you in my prayers. Kelly xxx

  • I sure hope your SSDI comes through. I'm very worried about ever applying because I left nursing about 13 years ago to be home and home schooling my kids again. If I understand it correctly, one has to have worked very recently. I can't imagine trying to work in any field with the way I am now, even though I'm improving.

    We wish you well with your journey.

  • I found the following to be very helpful.

  • Vinagirl I've seen and bookmarked this--very helpful

  • There is hope! I received SSDI within 5 weeks of application! Not sure why, (not complaining 😊) but I used the National MS society guide extensively.

    Pre application, others had recommended a lawyer that was very successful in obtaining SSDI for her clients. She said that I should contact her after my first rejection. After that there was no fees until she was successful.

  • Vinagirl Hi, I am new to this group and have been reading through various ssdi comments. May I ask, what do you think helped your application to be approved? If its not too intrusive, are you > 50? Are both legs affected? etc. Any thoughts? Thanks! :)

  • This is all very useful information for me. The beginning of March I will go to have my first neuropsych test. I also applied for Social Security Insurance this past week & I'm on short-term disability with my work right now. I was trying to be prepared so I've already got a lawyer as well because I have no idea how to work through all of this

  • Pbailz i did get approved for my long term disability insurance. There was enough of a deficit for me to no longer be able to do my job. Of course, LTD is different than SSDI.

    I believe ALLSUP provides free legal guidance for SSDI (Google)

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