I have been interested in getting a service dog for quite awhile to help with my balance and mobility issues. The entire recent edition of the MSAA magazine was devoted to them, and I am wondering if any of you have one and how your experience has been. MSAA was kind enough to send me a bunch of websites for service dog providers, but all of them bred their dogs and I would like to rescue a dog from a shelter and have it privately trained because most of the service dog providers won't place dogs in a home that already has pet dogs. Sukie 427

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  • Hi Suki, if you look back through the posts you will see that Erash made a similar enquiry about service dogs, blessings Jimeka

  • Thanks, Jimeka. I recall that now and will look for it. I can barely recall my own name lately! Hugs, Sukie

  • Look for bygonelines, 4days ago, they showed pictures of their dog Willow, he is really cute. Hoping to help the memory 🌈 🎗💐

  • Thanks, Jimeka. Will, do!

  • If you put service dog in the search box in the upper right corner you will see several posts on service dogs. Including the one that has pictures of my girl Willow. If you still have questions please pm me and I will answer. I am training my own dog.

  • I have one. Did my own research and found an organization that trains in a two year program. The past blog had the website for the internation assistance dog website. I belong to the organization. Training your own is difficult. Mine knows 80 commands and does everything from opening doors, laundry in/out of dyer, pull up my blankers, takes socks off, turns on much more than i need but continue to use her for that so she doesn't lose ability to respond. There have been several placements from (toledo ohion) where i got my dog. Check it out.

  • Thanks, Karen. I actually know a woman with sarcoidosis who got her service dog from the place in Toledo, and I have family in Cleveland so it wouldn't be that hard to do. I don't have the knowledge or skills to train anything but basic obedience. I really need help with balance, picking stuff up, and things like that. I also need the dog to get me able to walk sometimes because sometimes I simply can't get my legs going. I would love to get a rescue puppy and have it taken to one of these places which could then train it for me like they do their own dogs, but every organization which I've checked out breeds their own, and virtually none of them will place a dog in a home that has pet dogs, which we do. Anyone know of an organization that will operate like that???

  • there is an organization in (canine companions for independence). i was accepted in both and just got placed with adai sooner. you can apply with both online (in fact that is how you do it!) there will be an in person visit (them to your home) and other steps. but...the only cost is your lodging for two weeks and equipment. Both allow home dogs...i had one and my friend who has one from cci also has another dog.

  • Canine Companions for Independence has a service dog program in Santa Rosa, CA that Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame and his wife founded. It is highly successful.

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