I was recently diagnosed (September)and thought I had a handle on my symptoms (for the most part). I've noticed that after I'm in bed, usually after my husband falls asleep, I have occasionally felt anxious. It's never about anything in particular or related to any events of the day. The first time it happened, it was a vague feeling of worry that I had not done something very important I needed to, or that I had done something wrong. There was no basis for the feeling that I could attach to it. It's happened a few times, mostly with a vague feeling of anxiety, but enough to make it hard for me to sleep. I can't seem to do anything to distract myself from the feeling. It's definitely not like a "panic attack." Can anyone relate to that? I've never had any issue like this before the MS arrived.

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  • I started having chest pain a few years ago. It would occur when I was relaxing. Went to the cardiologist and was cleared on all fronts.

    Anxiety related.

    Started me on some Buspar since I didn't want an antidepressant, nor anything stronger. It's an oldie, but goodie and mild.

  • Greaterexp, r u on any new meds for ms? If so, perhaps that's contributing...just the new diagnosis itself might b worrisome ev n of you feel u have a handle on it?

    Decrease or stop anything that might be contributing (late day caffeine)? Try CBT, deep breathing, calming tea, magnesium...

    If persists, definitely discuss with your healthcare provider.

    Hope these suggestions offer some help.

  • No meds yet. I used to be a psych nurse, and have tried various relaxation techniques. No caffeine after 10 AM. I think I'll bring it up at the next appt. I just felt very surprised about it, and it is uncomfortable. Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Since u were a psych nurse, my suggestions were pretty obvious first steps and this must be bothering you enough that you are bringing it up here.

    Here for you then if only for a sounding board.

  • Having been a nurse sure doesn't mean I know everything! I'm very grateful for all suggestions, especially since it's easy to forget so much when we are on the other side of things!

    Thank you for the suggestions and support.

  • So many of you on this forum seem to have been involved in the health care system. You all have given so much to so many . I pray that you will all find peace and learn to hope, blessings Jimeka

  • You are incredibly kind, Jimeka. Many blessings to you!

  • I've read that anxiety is a big MS symptom. It kicked in big time for me with Gilenya. I found that exercising when I felt anxious helped the most. Hard to do when you are trying to sleep though.

  • All of us diagnosed with MS have to deal with an unwelcome condition with many symptoms we wish we didn’t need to confront each day which will get worse in the future at an unknown rate, or, other symptoms we might anticipate will appear in the future. After I was diagnosed I too had concerns about my unwelcome condition which at the start of the day and during the day I used to send to the back of my mind when I was concentrating and working on getting things done, but, at the end of the day when I was exhausted and wanted to go to sleep I no longer had the energy to force those concerns about my unwelcome condition from moving out of the back to the top of my mind. Eventually when I wanted to go to sleep I replaced thoughts about my unwelcome condition with thoughts about what I had done that day and what I looked forward to doing the next day or further in the future. You’ll get there. :)

  • Hi greaterexp l would say it's probably normal at this point? You were JUST dx'ed and even tho you were prepared, having a final dx is very different. It takes awhile l feel for your brain to sink in everything. It's alot. Give yourself time to adjust to the new you. It will be ok *hugs*

  • The nighttime worries happens to me a lot. I now reach for my kindle when I feel them coming on. It doesn't disturb my hubby and my mind focuses on the book and I usually get sleepy pretty fast. If the page stays the same for awhile the kindle turns itself off.

  • I'm sorry you deal with anxiety, but it's terrific you found a way to deal with it. I tried reading, but found that the anxiety would worm its way through. As my ability to concentrate improves, I think reading will help more. I do have a Kindle, but it's an "old" one, so I have to turn on the light to use it. Maybe it's time to upgrade. I still prefer real books, probably because I'm 150 years old.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Well goooollllllyyyyyy!!! 150!!! Tell us please, what is your secret??? LOL! Thanks for the giggle!

  • I've never been ashamed of my age; I've earned every one of those blessed years! When you tell people you're much older than you are, they think you look great! Reverse (or perverse) psychology?

  • Love it!!! Ok, we're BFF's now, Greaterexp!!! Oh . . . and I'm younger than you!!! Sorry, but that felt good!!!

  • At 150, everyone is younger than I. So does that make me the boss of everyone?

  • Nice try greaterexp lolol will give you an A for effort tho :D

  • Um . . . no! I don't play well with others!!!

    It's all about ME!!! LOL!

  • Rats! I thought I had a chance to be the boss if someone for a second.

  • Ya'll are wrong! It's mine! An lm the boss, cause I say so :p

  • And to that I reply . . . PTHHHH!!!

    Thanks to all for being playful! I threw myself a pity party and no one came. Whassup with that???

  • MarciaD ohhh l thought you said PARTY no one said pity lolol :D

  • You are adorable!!!

  • An excuse me. I thought we were BFF'S now lm heart broken :( lolol

  • Whoops! Now I have to deal with guilt!

  • LMBO it'll be all right MarciaD as long as you smile. Everyone deserves to smile :)

  • I thought I was experiencing anxiety issues for a very long time . I went to a cognitive psychologist and took all kinds of tests (written testing ) and it turned out I had a depression issue instead. I was surprised because I never considered that it was depression . The psychologist prescribed Prozac, and it helps quite a bit with worries/anxiety. I think there is known connections with MS and depression because of the nerve damage that happens in the brain (?), and of course with the disability issue as well. Hope this helps . Figure out where to start

  • and problem solve from there. You do have something to work with still.

  • Thank you all for your input. It's been difficult to figure out if this mild anxiety is directly related to MS, a byproduct of having a chronic disease, or something unrelated to the MS and is just something really new to me. I guess that in dealing with it, I would use similar strategies, so it may not matter.

    I find myself asking a lot of questions as to what tends to be "normal" with MS, and though there are certain symptoms that are common, there isn't much "normal" or usual with it.

    I'm learning to adjust with the help of you marvelous people.

  • Normal . . . I've been searching for the meaning my entire life. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (chronic fatigue and other names at that time) in my early 20's, I struggled with that. In my 50's being diagnosed with MS further confused that quest. Sadly, it's hard to know when a symptom is 'nothing to really worry about' or time to go to the walk in clinic.

    Our bodies tend to challenge us - on so many levels - every day. Having this site is such a huge blessing. We may never again know 'normal', but having understanding, compassion and hope - not to mention building friendships - is a huge blessing.

    I pray you find the peace you so well deserve.

  • MarciaD, this may be a silly question, but when you were diagnosed with MS, did your doctor question whether your earlier diagnoses (of CF and Fibromyalgia) were actually MS all along? I know symptoms overlap and just wondering. Thanks. 💕

  • I was diagnosed in 2008. My current neuro blames all of my symptoms on fibro not MS. Unfortunately he's not a patient man who would explain in any detail. I cannot wait to find someone who can. The symptoms certainly do overlap.

    BTW, that wasn't stupid at all!

  • Thanks!

  • Greaterexp, it's MSFighter responding back to your post. I hope you're ready for turkey day. Try to relax and think about all the friends and family that you will see on this special occasion. Any distraction will help.

    Let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever been traveling to a new destination far away, with perhaps some kind of a time limit and you find yourself completely and totally lost. I would probably imagine that you are like the rest of us and at this point some anxiety would be bound to set in. Now compare this trip were talking with MS that is a bumpy road full of detours, and unknown destinations. Do we get lost you bet we do. If people say they are never lost on this path they're not fully disclosing their entire trip. So what you're experiencing it is unfortunately, is something many of us, no, most of us deal with on our journey with MS. We get through it day by day and we pray that we have good support around us and good friends to brighten our path and to help us when we feel lost.

    Greaterexp, we are your friends and will support you in any way we can. That's what makes this chat rooms so special. We are all walking the same pot holed filled path, full of detours that you are. We will walk with you hand in hand if that is what you need. You just need to let us know and we will brighten your path as well. Take a deep breath and try to relax. We are here to help anytime you need us., Just give us a shout! Remember that together we are stronger!

  • GREAT analogy. With a GPS, but no signal. Such is life.

  • MarciaD, it's MSFighter responding back to your replly. Who said anything about a GPS? My husband would probably be driving the vehicle because he thinks my driving is not as sharp as it used to be. And you know men. They hate to stop and ask for directions. And he doesn't believeld our GPS is very accurate either. He likes to take his Atlas along! I guess you could say he still wouldn't have a signal! Ha! Ha! Ha! Happy turkey day!

  • LOL! Men don't ask directions. I may have heard that once or twice!

    Enjoy this special day to EAT!!!

  • I always suspected this was a marvelous group of people, but you all continue to astound me with your love, support, and compassion! I am so blessed! You've made me cry, but they are tears of gratitude!

    Have a wonderful, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!

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