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New symptoms - MS or ?

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I had an interesting week last week. I was admitted to hospital day surgery for a minor procedure that I've had several times before. Nothing unusual going on for this procedure. Mid-procedure, I stopped breathing and heart rate dropped to 30's. Surgery was stopped and I ended up in ICU for 3 days, on a ventilator for two. After a week of tests, the docs are still puzzled by this event. I am now beginning a thorough outpatient workup by several specialists, including my neuro. Has anyone experienced anything like this and found it to be MS-related?

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Never had anything like that. Just glad to hear that you've come through it and are getting better.

What a frightening experience, cindyrn68. I've not heard of this happening in relation to MS, but I'm sure your doctors will get to the bottom of it. Thankful to hear you are doing better now. Will pray you receive an answer and that your surgery can proceed as needed. πŸ’•

I'm happy to hear you made it back. Not read or heard of this. Keep us informed when you find out why.


It sounds bewildering and scary! I'm so sorry you had such a fright and hope you get some answers soon. Get better quickly!

I have had a few procedures since being diagnosed with, but nothing like this. Maybe the anesthesia just didn't agree with you this time and it's not MS related at all....Good luck! I hope that you don't have the disease and that it was just a fluke.

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