Hey lefties, speak up!

This is Fancy1959 trying to get more data on Jess's post from several days ago. To all our left handed dominant chat room friends and family. I challenge you to speak up and to let us know which side your MS has affected the most. Jessmcd2 made a great post about which side your MS affected the most but she did not specify if those affected were left or right side dominant. Just looking for a bit more information. Thanks! 🙄

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  • Morning Fancy, what are you doing wide awake at this time? To start this chat off I am right handed and my right side is predominately affected. Hope everyone joins in, it will be interesting to see if there is any correlation between them both. Have a good sleep! Jimeka

  • Jimeka, I could ask you the same question. What are you doing up at this time? Haha got you, or maybe I should say got us both! Good night and good sleep to you as well. Fancy1959.

  • It is morning over here in the uk

  • I'm left handed. My right side is the affected side. Go lefty

  • Hey l cant think of everything Fancy1959 hahaha :)

    Left handed, was right sided dominant, and right was 1st to leave me.... hahaha

  • Well, I'm definitely left dominant, and thankful that my right side is affected. My right side has always been the weaker side.

    I've also always (weirdly) always driven with either two feet OR with just my left one.

  • Hi Fancy,

    I am a lefty, and my right side is affected. I am a little ambidextrous, cause I write and swing a bat with my left hand. I throw, shoot a gun, and cast a fishing pole with my right hand. Oh and I kick right footed. But since going to physical therapy, I can NOW THROW a ball with my LEFT hand! I couldn't when I first started. I throw a weighted ball into a mini tramp for 30 times with my left and the same with my right. I hope this helps with your data. I have always been right side dominant, and my right side has always been stronger than my left. Go figure??!

  • Mepilot, i'm essentially the same write and hold a fork left handed, taught to play sports right handed, and right side most affected by MS.

  • Me too erase were ambidextrous.

  • Jbahnan, Erash and mepilot61, you guys are TALENTED!!!

  • Thank you!

  • Hi mepilot61

    I am left and ambidextry. My right side is stronger, hand and foot to play with ball. I write only with left. The left is more sensitive, details. I played piano for over 1 years, I guess helped development of right side. My affected side is the right upper, but still stronger than left.

  • Played piano and other instruments over 10years.

  • I am a lefty. Still pretty new to MS but numbness and foot drop starts with my left leg. My twin is right dominant and her right side is more affected.

  • Sarah_ann, interesting that your twin has Ms too...I've read higher rate of twin familial Ms. Fraternal or identical? Not sure if hand dominance should clue me in to that? Sorry to pry. Just curious about these things....

  • We are identical mirror twins. Pretty much it means the egg split late after it had already started coding the left and the right. I am left handed so I am from the left side of the egg. My sister is from the right side as she is right handed. I write, bat and throw a ball with my left hand but I cast a fishing pole, use scissors and use a computer mouse with my right hand. My sister was diagnosed 6 years ago and the doctors told me not to get any tests done until I had symptoms. Big mistake. When I finally had symptoms this year, my MRIs show that I have way more lesions. We are only 29 so I know we are still young to have caught it. But I had thyroid disease in high school and now I think I probably had MS way back then because some of the symptoms they put as my body being out of whack are MS symptoms. My twin had thyroid disease in college and then she was diagnosed with MS less than 2 years later.

  • Sarah_ann, so sorry they delayed diagnosing you...Ms is such an evolving area of health care.

    Thank you for the info re. your twin history. That's fascinating to me 🤓

    So glad you joined in the conversation. This is such a warm and supportive place!

  • Sarah_Ann, I too was amazing that both you and your identical twin have MS. Even more amazing is that you are left side dominant and your left side seems to be a little bit more affected by the MS. And your twin is right side dominant and the right side is affected more by MS with your twin.

    You explained identical twins to me just now and I'm more succinct and precise fashion then I have ever had it explained before. Thank you thinking of studying on this and letting it settle into my brain so to speak it makes sense about you being left-side dominant and your twin being right dominant. Add to wish you could have been diagnosed earlier. The exact same thing happened to me. I had a MS twelve to fifteen years before they diagnosed it when it finally knocked me flat on my back. I too often think back how much less disability I would have at this point in my life if I could have stabilized EMS sooner with therapy and less lesions on my brain and spine.

    Sarah_Ann, you have found a kindred spirit in this in this chat room so I hope you stay in touch and we can compare ideas and have someone to talk to that understands where we're at. Remember that together we are stronger. Take care of yourself and tell your twin hello for me as well!

  • The twin thing is interesting. Not all identical twins are mirror twins; mirror twins only happen when the egg splits late. We still look almost exactly alike. It kind of scary how genetics work that way. Most twins start looking as they get older but we haven't at all.

    When I look back on the last 10 years I definitely wonder where I would be if I didn't have MS. It took me a while to get through grad school. 5 years instead of the 3 that was projected at first. I was doing 2 masters programs but I was failing miserably part of the time and there wasn't t really any reason at the time for me to not be excelling. Now that I know I have MS, I can pinpoint times where I had so much fatigue and brain fog I wasn't able to make the connections in my brain I needed, especially in a design first. I am so glad I am past that but I still have a long way to go in my career. Hopefully I can get where I want to be before MS takes over.

    I definitely enjoy this forum and look at it quite often. For the most part it is hard to talk just because I know I am lucky so far and am not at the point in the disease as most people are here. Makes me feel like a fraud sometimes.

    I will definitely tell her hello for you. I keep trying to get her on here but she copes by ignoring her MS for the most part. She has been having some weird symptoms lately, so maybe she will need to get on here soon for advice.

  • Good morning, Sarah_Ann. Did/do you have Graves or Hashimotos? I had Graves as a kid, but diagnosed with Hashimoto's when first undergoing MS testing. Didn't get diagnosed with MS (the first time) until 9 years later.

  • My twin and I had Graves Disease. I started having symptoms at 16 and I had my thyroid radiated when I was 19. I wonder what the correlation is between thyroid disease and MS

  • Sarah_Ann, I thought I'd replied, but I can't find it anywhere. 🤔 I also went through radiation for my thyroid when I was 12 or 13. My endocrinologist told me that he believes Hashimoto's caused my childhood Graves Disease. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease. It's not that unusual to have more than just one. 😜 Some of the symptoms overlap, too--fatigue, thermostat issues, and sometimes mental deficits. It's always good to make sure your thyroid levels are where they should be. I assume your neuro is aware of the Grave's.💕

  • That is interesting that the Hashimoto's caused tthe Graves disease. My thyroid was radiated early on so that it was killed. It was never able to turn into Hashimoto's because it was killed with the radiation. I just take synthroid every killed. My doctor decided to kill it completely so that I didn't have to worry about changing hormone levels. I have been on the same dosage of Synthroid for the past 10 years.

    I do wonder if MS can cause thyroid issues or vise versa. I definitely wonder what is going on with the immune system to cause both of these diseases to happen and if I should be worried about another autoimmune disease happening in the future.

  • You have enough to deal with now. Don't go there...

    I still have my thyroid, or what little is left of it. Been on synthesisfor 25yrs now. By the way, my 2 sisters, 1 of my brothers,and my mom all have Hashimoto's. I'm the only one with MS.

  • That is definitely interesting. My Mom's thyroid is slowing down now but I don't believe that they think it is autoimmune related. Genetics are very complicated. But at least the thyroid is treatable.

  • Fascinating! I'm an identical twin too! I had an episode at 14, after baseball practice frosh. year. The left side of my body went numb, split me down the middle, heavy tingling and burning followed by weakness. Back injury at 20, weird looking discs, can't work T5-7 surgery at 25, weird symptoms and weaknesses/numbness. Job injury #2 L5-S1 fusion, other disc bulges, discs darkened? While checking fusion over next few years, couple more disc bulges. Got better then symptoms got worse, ended up being MS! Maybe brought on by staph after the fusion? In 2013 my twin was at work on a natural gas rig in Wyoming and he had a seizure on the deck. Chemical poisoning. Now symptoms like me but they won't DX him with MS! Neurological disease unknown! Ruled out everything! He is left dominant, throws,writes,kicks,scissors,ping pong,scissors, Shoots Left.

    Golf,bats,right. His left is effected.

    I'm right dominant!

    I write,scissors,ping pong,tennis,shoot,play pool, right handed.

    I kick,bat,throw,golf,bowl,weight lifted-left was stronger.

    I'm ambidextrous so I can write,eat,kick,bowl

    Throw football

    Left-70 yards

    Right-45 yards.

    My brother also has stage 1 multiple Myeloma from Benzene poisoning and from the fracking formaldehyde.

  • Sorry for the late response! It has been a busy couple of weeks!

    Why haven't the doctors been able to make a determination for MS for your twin?

    We believe my twins first MS symptoms was when she fell down the stairs and one side went numb. Similar to what you were saying. It was only the one side. It took months to go away!

    It is nice to hear from another set of twins with opposite dominant sides! I know It is fairly common But I don't know if I have ever met a set like us!

    Sorry about the rotten luck with employers! Definitely shows that you both are hard workers and it must be hard to have to take a step back from all of it!

  • Sarah Ann, Thank you for the kind words! Your story is sad but inspiring! Sorry for my long story, I could've kept talking but lost concentration. Lol. I was power-lifting in my late 20's when I noticed my right side was weak....40lbs weaker and giving out. It was random, then my leg did it. Then I was getting fatigued, whole body weak so I took time off. I gained strengthen back but it was short lived, I knew I was in getting worse. 6 weeks later I hurt my back at work when what I think a muscle gave out and I ruptured 2 lumbar disks. It has been down hill since that day in 2001. 2013 my brother had a seizure, both legs went numb and he lost his bowel/bladder control briefly. Three years of testing and MRI'S and blood work and they said he has an autoimmune disease. He has some lesions but none specific deep white matter in the frontal lobes! He has 2 more than the last mri. 75% of the same symptoms I have. He is trying to get to University of Washington but his Doctors are worthless and don't have time to do any paperwork for him. He is doing EVERYTHING, they told him his Dr. Needs to send a referral and tell us why he is sending you. My brother told them I KNOW, I told him 2 months ago. Waiting for appointment to UW!

  • I am left handed but not a true lefty use my right for a lot. When my ms started more my left side but now it is more my right side.

  • I am ambidextrous, but usually describe my handedness as "task-specific". I drive, shoot long guns & bows and mouse L-handed. I shoot handguns, write, type with both hands. Cook, use silverware, draw, and throw R-handed. My MS affects mostly my R side.

  • I write and hold a fork with my left handbut use my right hand for many things. I'm most affected on the left side, although my symptoms are mainly fatigue and other issues that aren't side specific.

  • I am left handed. MS affects my left side more than right side.

  • With all this data coming Fancy you have a lot of work ahead of you, analysing it all I look forward to your interpretation. Well done for thinking of it, Jimeka

  • Wow! I am truly amazed how many wonderful people in this chat room are ambidextrous. We also have our small share of left handed people. It does appear that what Jessmcd2 found in her original post is holding true for the most part. It seems even the left-handed people that developed MS had they're right side affected the most, especially at MS initial attack. There were many insightful post. Thanks to all who replied. We have a great chat room here with awesome membership. Remember we are stronger together!

  • I am left handed in many things and MS has hit me hardest. Thank goodness body is working ok again. Diagnosed in 1982 and Copaxone has been my drug of choice since then.

  • Affects my right side and I am right handed.

  • Right handed, left side, predominantly, MS.

  • I'm a leftie and my right side is affected more, except I have numbness in my left hand.

  • Hi Fancy1959. Most if not all my symptoms, drop foot and trouble using my hand, are on the left side, which, naturally, is my dominant side. I use the L300 from Bioness for my foot, but my hand has really started giving my trouble in the last 6 months...extremely frustrating.

  • I consider myself "ambidextrous". I write with my left hand. Other tasks are done with my right hand. (Sewing, knitting, etc.) My MS affects my left side, making it weaker than my right side. Physical therapy helps me even out the strength where I can. Gradma289

  • Left handed and my right side is worse.

  • im lefty and ms hit the right eye and effected the left leg and arm

  • I am right handed and my left side has become weaker due to MS. I also had Hashimotos for years and had my thyroid removed in '05 due to a large mass on it (which turned out noncancerous).

    Also, re: the posts from Sarah_Ann about what she and her twin have been going through. I went to a meeting last winter and the patient speakers were two of three identical triplets. The two speakers had MS, their brother did not. It was fascinating to listen to them!

  • I am a lefty and I am effected mainly on my right side.

  • Interesting question and observation. Right handed and right side most affected.

  • a lefty but right side has failed me.

  • Hi, Fancy, how's the horse doing? I am right hand dominant but my left side is more affected.

  • I used to be a righty but MS took care of that. Now I do everything left handed. I write left handed. I think my writing and printing is better than most lefties I know. Even before my diagnosis, I worked on writing left handed and throwing a ball left handed so it was a big adjustment for me.

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