RLS new non-drug treatment

Just received this news feed about a non-drug treatment for RLS called Restiffic (Restiffic.com) available thru pharmacy. Supposedly more effective than currently approved meds. Suspect $$$ since they are offering $50 coupon.

I'm not endorsing yet as I haven't done my research but I have noticed many on this site with RLS and me too...and would be elated with a non-drug solution!

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  • Hi Erash, thanks for sharing. I cannot use it as I have varicose veins down both legs. Also it is only good for night time use. You can't wear it for walking, and I get it during the day particularly if I get on my hands and knees to garden. I also get it in my hands, so unfortunately I have to stick with the medication. Health unlocked have a RLS forum if anyone wants to know more, they can help, it's a lot like this forum, everyone helps everyone. Again thank you.

  • I'm going to check out the RLS group!

  • Let us know what you find out erash :) How in the world do you find this stuff out so fast?

  • what is it do you have more details

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