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I went to a MS workshop that had an OT who talked about the apps to track, remind and help organize us. There's also lots of gadgets that assist people with ADLs. Some cost a little; some more. I came away again with some ideas but mostly with an appreciation of the health providers OT, PT, SLP out there to help u if we ask. Plus I didn't know what any of them really can do, their scope of practice is much broader than I realized so conversation with MS neurologist can discuss guide and /educate if and how can help. I suggest study up for yourself and if opportunities out there for this kind of workshop go because the options are unique for you now or in the future if needed.

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  • Lindy0536311, it's Fancy1959 saying hello and I'm glad you brought this post to our wonderful chat room. You brought up a very vital source of information Lindy. I too would encourage everyone within seeing or reading distance to attend every workshop put on by the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, or by the wonderful people who do our physical and occupational therapies and our dieticians.

    Their educational series and workshops are simply amazing. I guarantee you that every single time you attend one you will walk away with some new insight into this dreaded monster we all do battle with, MS. If you receive an invite to any of the above and you do not go out of your way to go you have cheated yourself out of material, information, and wisdom that you really couldn't afford to miss. Seriously what have you got to lose other than an hour of your time. It's an extremely good investment for such a small price!

    For those who find seminars to attend, I would love to hear your feedback about them and what you learned after you attend it. I look forward to hearing from a bunch of you after you attend seminars. Once you start attending them they hook you and you can't seem to get enough of them. I know if given the opportunity I go to at least 7 or 8 a year!

  • I will happily share I go often to them info meet new people and free great meals and always great swag plus always meeting MS providers i.e. MS neurologists, physiatrists, PT, OT, clinical nurses, social workers, researchers, naturopaths; I love the education about different symptoms, DMTs equipment exercize, and diet and nutrition;). Do I learn yes do I always follow not really or no I am far from a perfect person living with MS LOL

  • Many thanks Lindy, hope you enjoyed it. I would love to go to a workshop, particularly on walking aides and bioness equipment but I punched it into Google and there is nothing near me, so if you guys don't mind sharing when you go on one it will be much appreciated. Cheers Jimeka

  • Be happy to jimeka

  • Thanks for letting us know about workshop. I agree that researching the internet is most helpful. I am just 4 months into going numb and 3 months since tentative diagnosis. I also would say take what you can use and don't take everything as the final word on things. I research here at MSAA and Mayo Clinic and medline and pull from each some knowledge. again, thank you! lynn

  • Will do in sharing love paying it forward!

  • I have not forgotten sharing tools been very tied so wil summarize and post names and sites this weekend stay tuned. Fatigue and Cog fog are catching up from busy last week and this one too I must listen to my body and rest. Sleep alone is not enough 😡

  • Thanks, Lindy!

  • Would love to know more about the memory aid apps Lindy if you have a moment to share? My insurance doesn't cover OT and too often pharmaceutical companies sponsor the local meetings here. So meetings are mostly about their drugs. Good info from very knowledgeable providers, but not what I'm needing at the moment.

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