Is there anyone who has found a treatment for constipation? I take 500mg.of magnesium, took mirilax but made me too loose.Glycerin suppositories help sometimes.I have had MS for 24 years and don't remember how my regularity was ( who thinks about it when they are healthy?) I always feel bloated or is it lack of muscle control? It is easy to blame everything on MS.

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  • My MSer took a generic stool softener from Walgreens that worked when she didn't go for a few days. Then there was the time she got blocked and the ER gave her a small bottle of something that cleaned her out so well that she could have had a colonoscopy -- without drinking the big bottle (4 liters?) of Miralax-type stuff.

  • I had gas so bad I took gas x well let me tell you that is like taking the sam medicine when you have the rest for colonoscopy. It did work but. I will never use it again too pain full. I haven't found anything yet but I do have to say fruits works well sometimes. Good luck.

  • Nani5, it's Fancy1959. I have one word that will fix your constipation, FIBER! You see, I had liver surgery up at the Cleveland Clinic in November of 2015. I am and I have always been my mother's daughter and that is constipated until I had surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. They introduced me to Benefiber. You put 2 teaspoons in the liquid of your choice three times a day. It has no taste and no sugar. It works in coffee, milk, sodas, water, etc. I stayed at the Cleveland Clinic for 8 days after surgery. I started the Benefiber on about day 4 and by day 7 I never looked back. I still take it one year later and I am more regular and go with more ease than I ever have in my entire life. I guarantee you Nani that if you buy a small thing of it and stay on it for 2 weeks you will never stop taking it. What have you got to lose a lifetime of constipation or 8 bucks. I picked the eight bucks! You can also take the Benefiber generic that Walmart or Kroger or Kmart, etc. puts out, it works just as well. And the generics are quite a bit cheaper. Make sure you don't touch the Metamucil fiber with a ten-foot pole. It does the opposite. It tends to block you up something fierce. Try it and let me how it works for you Nani.

  • I am just 4 months into being diagnosed with MS, no stage defined yet. I wouldn't call myself constipated as the stool is normal, but the sphincter muscles aren't working to help move things along. My whole backside feels frozen. I take stool softeners at night to be able to go a little in the am. "Post" cereals makes a high fiber shredded wheat with added bran cereal that I eat every morning. 9 grams of fiber, no sugar content. It helps. I was taking Benefiber tablets but they didn't help as much. Will try the mix in liquid kind. Miralax and suppositories didn't help me. Hope you are able to find some relief. Lynn

  • Hi, Nani5, I have a neurogenic bladder and bowels. There's a break in the communication somewhere between them and the brain, so they don't function properly. Fiber bulking products, laxative teas, etc. don't work for me. All I get from them is intense cramping. Others have mentioned stool softeners. I take 300mg daily of generic Colace. (I love checking out at Costco with an industrial-size bottles of stool softeners and Miralax.) Stool softeners help soften the stools, but won't help them move along and out, if MS is causing a motility problem. (A gastroenterologist can run tests to check for this.) My neuro recommended amitiza my gastroenterologist prescribed 24mg taken twice daily, after smaller dosages did nothing. I still need to supplement that with miralax when a few days pass without results, but that sure beats two weeks without going at all! The amitiza hasn't caused loose stools or cramping, and I haven't noticed any adverse side effects. I've been on it since January. Talk to your neuro about your constipation. He/she may want to confirm the cause, but from what I understand, constipation is common among MSers. I hope you get answers and relief soon.

  • I went vegan.

  • My GI doc has Me taking Miralax daily - the gut does not adapt to this as it will softners and other laxatives, thus loosing efficacy

    I absolutely agree regarding diet, but sometimes life gets in the way. Acknowledging this:

    You may want to consider using a digital food scale when measuring out the dose of Miralax- maybe even consider a few grams less and be diligent on consumption every day. See how your body responds. I just add mine to the morning cup of coffee.

  • In severe cases I use a stool softener. For a more rapid response I use Milk of Magnesia. For regularity however, I eat spicy foods, as the capsaicin in hot peppers increases gut motility. I find that constipation definitely increases if I abstain from spicy foods, and goes away as soon as I start again. Of course you do need to enjoy spicy foods otherwise this is of no help. You can buy capsaicin pills as an alternative although I think this is an expensive solution if you are just trying to avoid the taste of spicy foods.

  • If you take too much Magnesium supplements will make your stool loose. I take Miralax every other day and take Magnesium Chloride every day. Greek yogurt or probiotics daily, plenty of fiber foods and water and I bet you will see a comfortable and more regular result.

    I have had MS 25 years and have incontinence at times :( But I was also diagnosed with gastroparesis of the upper stomach. One Doctor said it was MS related, but my Neurologist said it wasn't. So who knows.

  • Thanks to all. Glad that I'm not alone.I will try benefiber.

  • I eat mostly plants and avoid fake foods. I hope you find something that helps!

  • I use a miracle suppository called Magic Bullet wirks in 10 min. I swear by it.

  • I just get fiber flakes and sprinkle it on my food. But l eat alot of fruit also. Not so big on veggies.

  • I use psyllium fiber. It adds bulk if loose and adds fluid if too dry. Drink plenty of fluids. That combo is the only thing to keep me "regular." That is, of course, if regular is every 3-5 days. My body goes when it is ready, I just have to get where I need to be when it happens. I can't strain or anything, just can't figure how to make those muscles move. My body does all the work when it's ready, I just have to sit and be patient.

  • Try Senna (natural vegetable laxative). Easy tablets to take as needed. Not near as harsh as stool softener and you can take more or less as needed.

  • Hi sammagolicat and welcome to our chat. I noticed that this was your first post and wanted to welcome you. I have to ask, does the Senna really work? I use the correctal when needed but l cant say lm a Hugh fan. Welcome again and don't be a stranger.

  • Nani 5, I saw your post about indigestion. I just wanted to let you know I take a digestive enzyme after I eat every time, and IT keeps me regular. It is also a probiotic. I order it through Amazon. A pilot buddy of mine told me about it, and it REALLY helps me!! If you can't get that, just take probiotic. Those work well too!! Good luck!!

  • Probiotics!!! I take the just once a day and that helps for sure!GOOD LUCK!:)

  • I take a probiotic in the day, and a stool softener at night. This is the only thing that works for me without feeling sick. Hope that helps. :)

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