Laughing at myself

I would feel terrible if anyone were offended at my, at times, perverse humor. I made a list that made me feel better, so I'll share it. My sister had a hard time learning about my diagnosis, but this got her laughing again, and now she thinks up some of her own.

Things Not to Reply When Someone Tell you They Have MS:

1. So can you still do the dishes?

2. How will this affect me?

3. They can't cure that, can they?

4. You're having trouble with driving? Can I have your car then?

5. Don't worry about your clumsiness; you seem just the same to me.

6. Is it catching? Are you sure?

7. I still have Grandpa's bedpan. You want it?

8. I've been reading online...

9. I think my cat had that.

10. I suppose that means I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year.

11. It's Relapsing Remitting? Then let's hope you die before you have another relapse.

12. At least you're not REALLY sick.

13. Well, that explains why you look so bad.

14. I'm going to that big game. Could I borrow your handicap tag?

I think I may have too much time on my hands. I hope you get a chuckle out of these and that they aren't in bad taste. If I don't laugh, I'll cry.

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  • Oh Erin, so true. You have to laugh, at yourself and what the ' normal' say to you. My sister turned up with a wheel chair and a commode for me, they were my mums, God rest her soul, her heart was in the right place but I am not ready for them yet. I guess we have to take into consideration that they have to get used to us having the complaint as well. Good you haven't lost your sense of humour, thanks for sharing, Jimeka.

  • Thanks for the laugh.🤓 I've ACTUALLY gotten at least it's not ALS or cancer.

  • My first neurologist said that when she gave me the diagnosis. Needless to say I got a new one immediately.

  • Can you hear me laughing? 😂 Too funny...sad, but true! Thanks for the belly laugh!

  • 😜 Agree too funny!

  • How are your legs today Erin? Have you got your movement back?

  • Jimeka,

    Yes! It feels like a huge miracle. I felt unbalanced and weak in the legs this morning, but canned mincemeat, relish, and applesauce this afternoon! You never know! Bless you for asking!

  • Funny! I had the handicap tag one. Gotta laugh! Don't worry what others think. The way I see it, in today's day & age, 50% don't care & 49.9% are glad it you & not them. Laugh Away!

  • This list is a hoot! 😂

  • These are great. We have to laugh, crying hurts to much.

  • Love it! I was in a store one day and having trouble with my balance, I could hear these people laughing and talking about that drunk woman! If they only knew how I felt!!!!

  • Lol very funny greaterexp . What about this one?

    Hold this for me, you shake enough to shake it. Ugh.

    Laughter is good medicine :)


  • I love it!

  • OMG!!! #7 & 8 made me laugh out loud!! Thanks for kickstarting my morning.

  • I'm glad if I can still be of some use!

  • Way to funny greaterexp love the one about you can still do dishes right? And of course the reading online. It's like please dont! :b

  • I needed that today! Thanks for the laughs. Ok not to be gross, but you won't believe this one.....some guy said to me on our second date when I told him...

    "That means you don't get your period anymore either right?"....

  • Did you go on a third date???

  • Lol....uh, No

  • Oh Lord,plz tell me you ditched him Twistedstitches2016 lolol

  • Told him I had to go to the bathroom and snuck out the back door.

  • Now that is FUNNY!

  • I have one from when I was working. I walked unbalanced and used the shelving and walls for support. One of my co-employees said as long as I used shelves for support, I should use a Swifter mitt to dust them.

  • Omg that's hysterical!

  • Love these!

    I've had hysterical crying to deal with, "it's not a death sentence" cheered by medical professionals, people outright ignoring it, and one "so, MS, like you won't be able to move and stuff?". I'm not complaining, just kinda laughing at the response spectrum. Most people seem genuinely horrified (not much comfort there either) and want to know my story and if they can help. Some of these I can't believe were said to you, and I am sorry for that, but also glad you shared and had the ability to make fun of it!

    Also, if this humor is in bad taste, then I am the worst person ever.

  • It"s all about education. Most people are ignorant to what MS actually is. I was thinking of making a pamphlet and carrying with me.

  • Only one was actually said to me. The rest are from my obviously sick imagination. Truly, there isn't much one can say. I know it's awkward in reality. I hope you all don't get anything but the encouragement you need.

  • Laughter is the best medicine. I used laughter throughout my 30+ years of nursing. Of course, there were some patients who had no sense of humor. Don't know how they make it through life without laughing!! I know it has certainly helped me cope.

  • Oh yeah, you missed one of the best....."Have you been drinking" and "Are you drunk!!" LOLOL

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