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Any ideas when I need a driver?

I am not driving now and need people to take me to my appointment

s. My mother was doing this but she is ill now. My world is small now after 26 years people have drifted away. My son needs at least a 3 week notice.

Can't afford a taxi that far as my funds are limited. The Lifts bus for the disabled says it will take up to 2 hours before it returns for me. If I could sit up for 2 hours it would be a miracle for me.

Does anyone have ideas? I have tried all the ones I can think of.

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As a suggestion, I would check with your local city and county service for Seniors and disabled. Some churches offer drive services too. Hope you get some help. Lynn


@lightweaving, transportation can be a problem, to put it mildly. If you live in a community of any size, though, the chances are that there is a paratransit system or some other service providing transportation for the disabled and seniors as Lynn said. I'm astonished that you've been told that it will take up to 2 hours for a return trip. Maybe they said it might take up to 2 hours? Did you ask if that long a wait happens very often and tell them your situation? I have problems with long waits for transportation here too--I use the paratransit lift-equiped van--but there are ways of avoiding most of the long waits if you learn how the system works. I hope you'll look into it more and ask questions and find out what other options there are because there definitely should be some.


Are you on medicaid? It's different from state to state, but in the state I live in, medicaid will provide a taxi voucher for doctor's appointments for people, particularly children and elders, who have no other way to get there. I would call your state medicaid office and ask.

Also, I know you said money is an issue and you can't afford a taxi on your own. I've never taken Uber but my daughter uses them a lot and she says they are half the price of a taxi, if that helps you any.


your local MS society should provide 2 rides/year to doctor appointments. 1-800-fightms


I will do this.


Hi lightweaving like KerryOkie said some states offer medical transport to Dr appts. I do know NY does. ck it out in your state there might even be other things that can help you there. Also ck out the MSAA Web site they might be able to help or at least point you in the right direction. Good Luck :)

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there is a county ride service. the problems is am nervous about the long walk to where they will pick me up(long for me). they also can make you wait for 2 hours until they pick you back up. my town does not have uber etc and a taxi ride is too expensive.


I am on Medicare and have looked into many options with social workers. I make too much money to qualify for anything.(wished health premiums and dx weren't so expensive.

They have a riders club which is 110 a year. Tried it a out a few times and was stood up.

I am housebound and not doing so well at the moment so thinking and doing are hard.

Thank you all for your thoughts


Hi lightweaving lm sry your running into brickwalls. :( Definitely call MSAA and MSA and see if they can help? Your local MS support group even might have ideas for you. Good Luck and keep us informed. Crossing my fingers for you. :)


Thank you I will try them.


lightweaving, were you ever able to find a solution as it relates to transportation struggles?


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