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Hi everyone, I am new to the community and very excited about it. I was diagnosed with MS on April 26, 2010. I have started with a new symptom over the last couple months and I wanted to know if anyone new what it might be. At first every so often I was going through what I call being shocked by lightning but only in my brain/ head for a few seconds. OMG, worse then all the body pain and migraines I get out together for those few seconds. Over the last couple weeks it's happening more often and one right after another. Can I have some help. I started with a new Nero and I don't care for him so I am searching for anther currently.

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  • It's Lhermitte's sign and is common with MS. I only had it in the early days, but I understand that some people have it regularly.

  • Thank you for responding to me so quickly very much appreciated.

  • Of course! I just happened to be online. I think if it's really bad, your neurologist can try different drugs to relieve it, but hopefully, it will eventually go away.

  • You rock Lisa!

  • I had them REALLY bad when I was w/ drawing from a medication I probably shouldn't have stopped cold turkey! They were horrible and almost debilitating. They passed. Fast fwd two years, and here I am, newly diagnosed, (only took 4 years of specialists...I consider myself lucky as I read some others who it's taken 10-20 yrs!) anyway, I just started getting them in my left hand. I call them "zingers". They're not so bad right now and I hope they stay that way. I hope when you find a new Neuro, they can give you something for them. They are incredibly unpleasant. Good luck!!!

  • I had them too when I withdrew from a medication2 yrs ago. I did this very slowly but when the last was gone I spent the next week in bed, those are horrible. I still feel "threatening" zingers (good description chowell!) but they dissipate after a few minutes. I hope your neuro can can help you with this, hang in there!

  • yes i have had that it is called Lhermitte's syndrome it is common with MS it comes and goes for me and it is definitely a frightening experience when you first have them.

  • Zingers--love it, great description. I've had it in my legs for 2 years esp. in AM. I had shoulder surgery 10 days ago and have been on some heavy duty pain meds. First time in 2 years I've had relief from the zingers!

  • Cfen. Hi. I'm Fancy1959 and I would like to welcome you to this wonderful chat room. Luckily for me I do not have the lightening sensations in my brain so I can offer a little advice on that part of your post. Doesn't get worse ever if you're around bright lights, or loud noises or does certain smells set It off. Have you started a new therapy that is made it worse? That's all I can think to do maybe help with the lighting Sensations.

    Talk to your family doctor about a new neurologist. They can typically give you two or three they like that they consider are the top in the area. Ask people in this chat room if anybody lives in your area and see who they like. And if all else fails call your local MSAA Society and get recommendations from them as to neurologists in your area. Remember together we are stronger and information is our friend. I would like to invite you to become one of our newest MS Warriors and as such we never give in we never give up. We fight on MS Warriors, fight on!

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