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Newbie here. First time I've ever posted anything ANYWHERE, although I have followed posts here and there for a while. I wish I knew how to post a pic. sorry. Not a Luddite but I haven't kept up with the tech though I use it a lot. I mostly comment on other people's posts on Facebook, since I don't have a smart phone, just a smart mouth. I will be surprised if anyone gets back to me at all, so we'll see what happens.

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Hi Pat, do you have ms, if so tell us about yourself, sometimes having a smart mouth can be beneficial, helps you be heard. Cheers Jimeka

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Welcome, newbie aka PatMAZ ! Glad you decided on our My MSAA Community as the first time you've posted on a forum such as this!

Pictures aren't necessary, and only share what you are comfortable with divulging (great advice from jimeka , btw!). But just know that everyone on MMC here has been open and respectful of one another - and we aim to keep it that way!

- John, MSAA


Thanks John, I noticed that respect when I read over some older posts. Maybe that's what made me comfortable posting here. Anyhow, to answer Jimeka.

I started getting symptoms in 1988 but it took 2 years to diagnose my MS so I guess I'm only a blog newbie. I never have had what a doc would call an exacerbation (I guess) as I've always been able to keep working. I was actually working a f/t and a p/t job when the dx came. I went to support groups off and on over the years, mostly off as everyone else seemed worse off than I was. I was in pain, depression, anxiety and discomfort more than anything and went from Neurontin to Zoloft to ? as time went on and every time my neuro asked if I wanted to file for disability after listening to my whining and moaning I would laugh. I really didn't see it happening, I really thought I'd make it all the way to 65.

In 2005 I had just started taking Avonex and was not enjoying the anxiety it was adding (being injectable) but I was doing it and then I was crossing the street 1 lunch hour and ending up on a gurney in the ER. That's the best way to describe this stupid car accident that knocked me out for almost 18 months and changed things forever. My injuries were not that bad but thinking back now my recovery was so affected by the MS that it has not been 100% and never will be.

I should add that I still don't know how it happened as I am not a small person and it was July @ noon in broad daylight, but that's why they call them accidents. Anyhow I had good insurance and good lawyers and since I am still here I'm lucky I guess. It did make me look @ things differently and that brings me to now.

I moved 'cross country in 2008 and of course the recession hit and I have had trouble since then as most of us have, w/jobs being scarce etc. I was having these major stomach pains that lasted more than a year and I thought it was MS of course. Come to find out in 2014 that it's a combo of IBS, diverticulosis, and (not) my favorite, Celiac disease. And that's kind of where I crashed.

I think I've come to terms (if any of us can) w/my MS but the celiac is making me crazy. I feel like it's the last straw and I know that's way out of proportion. I'm single, I have friends, and 2 screwy cats, but no major vices and now to find @ this age that I have to read every label and watch every thing I eat, and give up favorite restaurants (mostly fast food) seems like the universe is royally ganging up on me.

I know this is ridiculous in the long scheme of things, and especially in the US in this election year, but I am taking this celiac disease really badly and that's where I am today.

Aren't you sorry you asked ? lol, Pat


Do you follow any specific diets such as the Autoimmune Protocol or Paleolithic Diet for your Celiac/IBS? Ive heard these are extremely beneficial for most with these conditions


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