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I'm Joe, I had symptoms starting in my 20s, but was not diagnosed with "long standing, RRMS" in 2010. I fought the VA for decades, (since the mid 80s) that something else was wrong. All that got me was blacklisted & shipped off to the VA shrinks. Even after the VA shrink determined I was not crazy, nor depressed, just "adamant" that something else was wrong, the VA still REFUSED to follow up.

It was a new eye Dr. at St Jo in Ann Arbor MI in 2009, that noted my diplopia was strictly neurological, and opened the MS can-o-worms that I was able to get MS testing & subsequent RRMS Dx at the VA.

I was put on, (my choice) Copaxone following the RRMS Dx, now getting the new generic version.

I had been Dx with bilateral Meniere's by a local ENT in 2007, with a note of CNS issue, "investigate if warranted". I guess multiple falls requiring surgeries was not enough. I am told that the subsequent MS Dx supersedes/replaces the Meniere's Dx, the Meniere's Sx as being part of the MS. So I have to deal daily with Meniere's symptoms AND the usual MS issues.

The VA MS clinic is billed as a MS center of excellence, Far from it IMO. It took me 4 years to get a manual wheelchair & ramp, and 5 years to get a power scooter from the VA. I had to buy a USED mobility scooter on my own, no ins coverage. Medicare covered a power chair, a Jazzi in 2010 following my RRMS Dx & NON_VA PT evaluation.

I know this is a bit long, but my decades of on going battles with the US NAVY & subsequently the VA and have long, hard & very twisted.

I also have diabetes type-3c (treated as type-1), from pancreatitis in the Navy in 1968, psoriasis, sleep apneal & AFIBs from teens era Rheumatic fever. My adult life has been multiple endless health battles, including Cancer Dx in 1982 with 10% chance of surviving 12 months (beat the odds). I guess that makes me one tough old cookie?

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Hi arealgijoe or should I call you "one tough cookie"? Either way, l thank you for your Service! 🇺🇸 I would also like to welcome you to the MSAA Community.

Sounds like you have been through the Navy wringer a few times. I'm sorry. I was married to the Navy for a few yrs, and l hated it! Or was it the ex?😅 Either way it sucked! 😅😅

I hope you find our forum friendly and Informative and fun! But most of all Supportive! We are all in the same boat after all. (Should say ship) sry couldn't resist​😁

Jump in at anytime, we talk about pretty much anything and everything here.


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Thank you for your service to our country!

Wow, you have fought quite a few battles in your time. Sorry about that. A lot of us know about the battle to get diagnosed and it sucked. I got sent to a psychiatrist also and he was appalled that Social Security was trying to say it was psychological.

Glad you found our group. Welcome!


Hello One Tough Cookie, or should I say arealgijoe! Can you tell that Jesmcd2 and I, Fancy1959 have worked too long together. We are even starting to think alike! What's a scary thought! I am totally ashamed that we treat our veterans so poorly. Our government is sometimes totally confused about their priorities. I too, thank you for your military service!

We have broad shoulders to lean on and we have big ears to listen and are here for you whenever you need to have a sounding board or vent your frustration. We understand what you are going through because we have it ourselves as far as your MS goes. I cannot imagine having to fight for your rights as a veteran when you served our country so well. Please keep in touch and let us know how your journey navigating the bureaucracy at the VA goes. Please take care and remember that together we are stronger!

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Hi arealgijoe... Thank you for your service! You've really been through the wringer with all those health challenges. Its hard enough to battle health issues but to also have to battle the VA...that's a terrible, preventable burden. It makes me mad that after serving our country, our Vets don't have the health care they should. I hope things are looking up for you.

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arealgijoe, I appreciate the time you served and appreciate the fortitude and courage you must have to face so many trials for so long.

I'm glad you found us and hope you find the encouragement and wonderful support which I've found here.


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