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I am new here.

Had my first flare in July of 1977 and after years of going to doctors who thought I was crazy when tests showed nothing was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. Flares on and off until the early 1990's.

Just began, what we think is my first flare in over 20 years. Aches and flew like pain have been on my left side from the beginning, now my right side is being effected (affected?). Have an MRI scheduled for this Monday. We will see.

If it is not a flare then do not have a clue as to what else this could be.

Has anyone else gone this long between flares?

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First off, welcome to our always-blossoming My MSAA Community, Morllyn !

That is quite some time between flare-ups/exacerbations, but I'm sure you want some answers about these new symptoms no matter how long it has been. I think you'll find that everyone on here is honest and respectful, and you should have a response from someone else with a similar experience in MS.

Best of luck, and keep on posting on MMC,

John, MSAA

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Thank you!


Had a brain MRI last Monday. There are at least 2 new lesions but, neurologist does not think this explains all of my new symptoms. Having spinal MRIs this coming Monday.

Just goes to show that when you think it (MS) is done with its relentless attacks, it isn't.


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