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I need help. I am constantly fighting to get proper home help. It is a revolving door or agencies and aides that are coming and going. I need consistent reliable help. And it is unattainable it seems. I have no one family to oversee or help with this and I am afraid I am going t o loose my ability to remain in my home if I don't get the consistent, quality assistance I need to manage my daily living needs. Please if anyone has had his problem, I need a evocate.

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  • traveljaff lm so sorry your going through this. It has to be extremely frustrating for you. Seems to me that if your disabled you should be getting your ss insurance along with state insurance ie. Ssi/ssa with that you should get the care you need and deserve. I would also call msaa and such to see if they can help lead you in the right directions. Let them be an evacat for you

    I truly wish you luck in this and please keep us updated :)

  • I'm sorry to be hearing this...

    While working as a case manager in Homehealth, for years, I studied and learned things that really broke my heart...again, I'm sorry.

    The fact is that if you aren't on any "caid" (state funded insurance) or private pay, it won't happen. I can't even count the amount of agencies I've worked for, and in different states, where this fact stands true. Heck, I'd have to order a MSW ( social worker) who'd assist any given patient with ways to rid, or transfer, assets so they'd be, or appear, broke enough to obtain this type of assistance.

    It broke my heart time, and time again. People just need help, and even after busting my tail to get it for them, my hands would still be tied at a certain point.

    Another heartbreaking fact; is that, the Homehealth aide weren't good enough...not to me anyhow. They aren't paid well and I'd call them the McDonald workers of healthcare. This country...this America we love, is not designed to give us (disabled) the quality of care we deserve. Even if you've paid your taxes and retired.

    My advice to you? Well, I'm not familiar with your finances however, money is what you're needs will take. It'll happen sooner if you know someone, or if you ask for a MSW from your current, or next agency who can help navigate you through the red tape.

    I hope this helps...


  • Truly sorry that you are having such issues, traveljaff . Please know that MSAA's Client Service Consultants on our Helpline are here to help you with possible resources for you home assistance. You can contact them at:

    (800) 532-7667 ext. 154


    - John, MSAA

  • I've had some luck finding a good caregiver on care.com. Also, have asked local churches to let anyone in the church who may be interested know. Private care is very expensive.

  • Give MSAA a call, they help when possible. It is a great source of information

  • Where are you from? Each state has a division of family that includes home health for the aging and disables. I am on the waiver program in Indiana working with them to remain in my home vs. a nursing home/asst living facility. I have a case manager and they will get on the agencies case if I am not staffed....which only happend twice in 2.5 yrs. I need help each am and pm as I'm a paraplegic. You can msg me if you need more information. I have found that I need to be my own advocate - but once I got in the right place, the work is minimal. Blessings to you.

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