New lesions on C-Spine

MRI showed new lesions on my C-Spine which are consistent with the symptoms I've been feeling. I have bad headaches, electric shocks in my head, dizziness and neck / shoulder tightness. I am on steroids now which help somewhat. I am looking for suggestions on how to prevent or lessen the pain / dizziness. I really try not to take medication unless I really need to. So I am looking for non-medicine suggestions.

Thank you.

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  • Hello wolfspirit17 this is Fancy1959 officiaaly welcoming to thi chat room since we haven't talked before. You have found a safe place to come and ask questions, voice concerns, or simply look for information like you doing at this moment. This chat room is full of some of the most caring, kind, and compassionate people I have ever met. Welcome to the family!

    I have a question for you which is odd I know I'm answering your question with a question I'm curious how long you had MS and if you have neurologist? Since you've had an MRI I'm going to guess you probably have a neurologist. As always we recommend in the chat room that you follow your neurologist advice. Having said that many people find relief from their symptoms by simply following a natural diet, sometimes following the Mediterranean diet or the Wahls Protocol diet. Using your diet as a tool to better your health is always a great way to start. Other Studies have shown that smoking and MS not fit well together, so if you smoke it might be one more reason to quit. Watch your alcohol intake as well. Stop it all together or drink very moderately and just on special occasions.

    And just based on my own experience i use non-traditional medicine and I see a D.O. once a month and it helps me tremendously. He is not a chiropractor, he doesn't manipulate the joints he an works on the interskeleton by working on my muscles and he really keeps me going.

    I'm sure you'll have more replies tomorrow. If you have more questions that I can help with please give me a shout. It's been really nice talking to you. I hope to talk to you soon but until then please take care of yourself and watch your dizziness. Protect yourself from a fall at all cost. Even if you must use the assistance of advices that will stabilize your gate and help to make sure you do not fall. Please put your pride aside and protect yourself. Falls can be devastating. I know first hand as the 15 to 20 falls I've taken over the past two years have cost me my right rotor cuff in my right shoulder. They actually want to replace my right shoulder but they consider me too young to do so. As a result I must suffer through the extreme pain and very, very limited range of motion in my dominate side each and every day. I can't even get a good night's sleep unless i sleep in a recline. It is no fun to say the least.

    Besides being careful and protecting yourself the last thing I would like you to remember is that together we are stronger!

  • Hi wolfspirit17

    I concur with diet rec's Fancy1959 as well as any other healthy lifestyle changes (meditation, EFT etc.)

    Accupuncture? Turmeric? Yoga?

    Wishing you wellness!

  • Thank you. I am really thinking of acupuncture. Do you do it? The Turmeric, do you take the supplements or just add to your food?

    I already do yoga. It's tough right now to do it because of the dizziness.

  • wolfspirit17 i haven't done accupuncture but have heard others report good outcomes

    Thanks to CalfeeChick i am now taking a 300mg cap of turmeric each day. I also add to my food.

    I do meditate.

    Def. yoga could worsen dizziness but I bet there r some yoga stretches for your neck that might be tolerated?

  • Gentle stretching, massage, physical therapy. Those are my thoughts, wolfspirit17 . I find that just moving, even slowly, tends to relieve pain and stiffness. I don't have any ideas for dizziness, as I haven't experienced that, except in conjunction with fever or a few too many adult because.

  • Thank you. I will try all the above. Moving slow, I never really though about that approach. So glad to hear you've never experienced the dizziness. It's the worst!

  • Thank you all for replying.

    @Fancy1959 I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. I have RRMS. I've been going to the same Neurologist for 9 him! I am on a MS medication and really try to exercise and eat healthy . I've been doing great until this last exacerbation. It's just frustrating. I can handle the pain, it's the dizziness I can't stand.

  • Hi Wolfspirit17, I'm Lynn also known as Calfeechick

    By comparison I'm new to MS, just went numb last June, and diagnosed in December. Because of OA, I was already taking Celebrex and supplementing for anti-inflammatories glucosamine and MSM, supplement capsules of ginger root and Tumeric. I would always suggest going to the pool and walking a few laps swimming if you can and just floating. For the dizziness, I don't know what to suggest except, stay down and don't try to make any fast movements with your head or body.

    Keep coming back here😊

  • Here is my FAV as I'm plagued with motion sickness in a vehicle, particularly when someone is smoking (and NO Mom & sistour--cracking the window a little bit DOES NOT keep it out of the vehicle... revealing a huge pet peeve since I moved back to PA to be closer to family--hateto complain, but my clothes, coat, hair, and everything just STINKS when I get home... YUCK! sorry, felt good to get that out! grin...). Anyway, PEPPERMINT is a natural anti-nausea substance so I ALWAYS keep peppermint gum and mints

  • Also Ginger ale may calm your tummy.

  • I do drink Ginger Ale and Ginger really helps. Also, a just recently a friend suggested Lavender Tea for really seems to help. :)

  • I have had electrical shocks before that was crazy I had a spinal tap and they confirmed MS in my Cervical Spine. My electrical shocks were caused by Lhermitt's Sign. I started taking Beta Seron beta 1b injections every other day they never came back. That was 18 years ago.It has kept my MS very stable. ;- )

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