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Can anyone tell me the difference between Copaxone 7 day vs Copaxone 3 day other than the obvious in amount of days you take it? Has anyone had problems with Copaxone 3 day? I tolerate 7 day just fine. However, a past doctor wanted me to switch to 3 day Copaxone. Going to see what the new neuro recommends first but was curious to know more about Copaxone 3 day. Grateful for any info.

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  • I was using the 7 day, but was getting lumps from the injections that would last as long as 2 weeks. I cannot use my right arm for injections as I have had lymph nodes removed. The left arm had 2 or 3 lumps in it-and yes, I was rotating locations! Neuro suggested the 3 times a week shots, (which has helped). I also found that using heat before injecting and pressing on the site with a cotton ball for a minute, then ice has helped with the site reactions! Monday, Wed & Friday shots are less of a pain! I have had no problems with the 3 times a week injections. I was afraid I would because I have always been very sensitive to any medications but I guess this is different.

    Good luck! Hope this helps!

  • Hi, my doctor switched me from seven days to three days a week . I found that the only difference is shortened days. I love it.

  • Hi Seeker11 the 3 day copaxone is 40mg so you get a higher dose of 120 mg instead of the 20mg at 100 mg a wk. My nero put me on the 3 day right away. And haven't had a problem with it.

  • Jesmcd2 20 mg x 7 days is 140 mg/week. However, there was no statistical difference in effectiveness in the two dosing and frequency schedules and the less frequent injections save injection sites.

  • Brain dead today lol sry CherieMSCN but l also thought the 20 was only 5 days a wk?

  • Nope. 7.

  • Sry my mistake :)

  • No it was 7 days a week. I have to say that it was easier to keep track that way. I have had to carefully make out a schedule in the calendar and check with it every day. I do have it worked out so I don't use my arms as often as they were the most painful for me (very thin so easy to hit the muscle which can be very painful!) I rotate R and L arms every couple weeks.

  • I think overall one gets less medication/week on the 3 day Copaxone than on the 7 day/week. My math may not be good, but 20mg x 7 days = 140mg. per week and 40 mg x3 on the newer one = 120mg/wk, but you do get more medication in one dose with the 3x/week than with the 7 days/wk. One would think that with less medication and many less syringes, the price would be less, but NO, of course not. When my doc first ordered it for me almost two years ago, the ins. company refused to let me have it on bogus reasons. I complained bitterly and apparently so did others because several months later it was finally approved.

  • Yeah l got confused on the number of days, which isn't hard for me. I'm lucky to know what day it is. :/ As far as remembering when to take the shot, Shared Solutions has an app with a reminder ( Thank God) that reminds me every mon, wed, and fri morning blah. It also reminds me where the next shot is. So far really haven't had a problem with them. Had to change the depth of them a bit, but so far so good. Found that if l just freeze myself before and after, then use the warm pack it's not so bad. But l still ask my dog to take it for me. :) Doesn't hurt to try lol

    Are you still on the Copaxone? I can't remember if you said or not.

  • The newer app is a lot better than early one, but I still have some problems with it. I have my schdule all laid out which the app does not seem to understand. I rotate arms and work it in to the other sites. It comes out fine but on paper, but the app doesn't seem to understand what I am doing, so the few times I went out of own, driving, I just took my calendar with me. It was a lot easier. I only tend to almost forget when I wake up late (which I usually do) and then stay upstairs to read my email or clean up something and loose track of time and then by the time a remember it is quite late in the day. I have only totally forgotten to take my injection I think twice or three times in 10 years. I use to use the erase board charts that shared solutions provides, but they changed it and I didn't like the way it worked out for me. I use my smart phone to shedule a reminder when my medications are due and that helps alot. I also do not always know what the date or day is!

  • Shared Solutions seems to be having problems with the app lately anyway. I know it won't keep my settings, but at least it's a good alarm. Cause like you l wouldn't even know what day it is. It's horrible lol That's awsome that you have only missed 2or 3 times! In the past yr and a half that l have been on it l have missed probably missed 9 or more? At the beginning l was getting sick alot fever, nauseous and they said not to take the shot with fever. Still get sick just not as often. Thank goodness!

  • I don't think there is a difference as far as medication issues. Just a lot less pokes.

  • I was on Copaxone 7x week for 12 yrs. Switched to 3x week 6 months ago. I feel absolutely no effects except thrilled to inject myself less. Good luck!

  • The only problem I had when I switched to 3 times per week is I would occasionally forget to give myself a shot. You can't take the three times per week two days in a row. No problems except a small amount of swelling right after the shot that would last less than ten minutes.

  • Pretty much agree with all the replies,see no different but less pokes..

  • I tried the 3 per Week and seems the liquid is thicker or something because I thought it hurt something fierce so, I had my treatment changed to Aubagio, a once daily pill. All seems well, except think I am going through a relapse at the moment.

  • Just less injections per week. I'm getting on fine with them.diagnosed this year. I'm over sixty, strong family history of ms. Good luck to all.

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