Looking for name for my MS blog

I am looking for some opinions on blog names. I am going to be starting a blog about living with MS. I will talk about the challenges and ways to live your best life. I will cover things like self defense, crafts, cooking, traveling, working, how to make adjustments to make everyday living easier, current meds, alternative treatments, etc.

Here are the blog names I have narrowed it down to. Plus a list of possible taglines. I would like people to let me know which blog name and which tagline would make you want to read the blog or at least check it out.


Blog Names…

1. Living Better With MS

2. You, Me, & MS

3. MS Without the BS

Tag Lines…

1. Your Life. Your World. Your Way!

2. Be yourself…everyone else is taken!

3. Beyond the Disease

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  • I like #3 with tag #2

  • I agree #3 and tag line #2

  • Blog name 3

    Tag line 2

    Good luck

  • Hi Bygonelines, I really like MS without BS for the Blog name and for the tag line #2. Be yourself...everyone else is taken! Those are both great. I don't know if you "copy-catted" either one, but they would make me want to read. Although, some might be off-put by the MS without BS because they might think that you are purporting to have more knowledge than you do...so, I guess in 2nd place would be "Living Better with MS". Sounds like an interesting endeavor. I wish you the best of luck.

    I saw a Neurologist for the first time today--still in the early phases of figuring out what might or might not be wrong with me. No diagnosis, yet...

    Take Care, Tessko

  • Funny, I did not see the other replies, prior to mine, and we all seem to agree! Maybe you can have a consensus with 3 votes. LOL.


  • I would definitely look at the "MS without the BS " or " MS in real time"

  • Love #3 and #2!!

  • I like #2 for the title and #3 for the tagline. Good luck with your blog!

  • I like #3 and #2. I don't recall seeing anything like that anywhere, either.

  • Bygonelines, hi, it's Fancy1959. Being my obstinate self I want to offer another very powerful name. My first choice for a name for your blog is: MS WARRIOR.

    For a tag line I vote for: Beyond the Disease. But really none truly grab my attention. I would officially like to vote for: Together We Are Stronger.

  • I really like MS Warrior but ithas been used so I wasn't able to get it.

  • What about using Multiple Cirrhosis Warrior for your blog's name? I wonder if it is taken in the long form.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions and help. I posted this question in 4 different groups I am on and the overwhelming majority of people chose "MS without the BS." With the tagline of "Be Yourself...Everyone else is taken". I will let you know when I have it up and running.

    Thanks again!

  • #3, #2- would get my attention. Love humor and sarcasm .

  • I like #1 and tag line #2, they are very positive.

  • Definitely like #3 for the name and #2 for the tag line! Looking forward to reading it. Let us know when it's happening, okay?

    Anne :-)

  • I will definitely do that. I am just learning all the ins and outs of setting up my own website. It is quite a learning experience. Ihad hoped to have everything up and running by this weekend but we just had a death in the family so this will probably set me back a couple of weeks. I will let you guys know once it is up and running.

  • I like #1 and #2

  • I hope you don't have MS maybe they messed up an you have none of the initial diseases. Wouldn't that be great😎 well what ever you have let us know be safe and have a good day.

  • #1 is good but #3 is better good luck in what ever you do.

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