top eight signs you have MS

top eight signs you have MS



No matter what day it is , you have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow,

7.You have MRI head vice marks on your head.

6.You've lost all your "friends" because sometimes you just can't make it to a planned function.


You know where every bathroom is between here and Omaha.

4,If one more person implies you're not sick because you don't look sick you're going to put your meds on his account.

3.You've discussed things in public that you wouldn't even bring up in whispers to your significant others before.

2.You had to add this as number 2 because you miscounted.

And the number one sign you have MS; You say go and your legs say whoa.

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  • downrigger ohhh l love it!!!! And so very true! I actually told my pharmacist that l could do his job :D

    I love the picture. Completely caught me off guard, as lm sitting here in the dark. And scrolling down and my fav. Colors come on the screen! Just what l needed today, after last night.


  • I see Downrigger you keep hours as strange as Jesmcd2 and i, Fancy1959, do! Welcome aboard our chat room! What a great post and oh, on most days, so absolutely true! I can tell you are going to be a vital and dynamic part of our extended family here! Remember together we are stronger!

  • Hey Fancy1959 don't be picking on my hrs hahaha erash is up to you know :D

  • Does it matter what time zone we are in??? Maybe its 1030am where you are already when I get up ;-)

  • Blah erash l was up before 3am and on here at 330 thanks to my dog. But then sleeping past 330 is a luxury anymore lolol

  • Jesmcd2 you win! Or in this case, you lose?

  • Thank you so much for putting this on the site. It makes me laugh so much, and that's a good thing.

  • you're welcome.

  • How about carrying a cane as a signal that you're not day drinking?

  • That is a great one , I wish I'd thought of that at O' DARK 30.

  • downrigger O'Dark 30? Reminds me of boot camp :-)

  • That only works as long as it keeps you from falling, but I fall anyway! Do they sell T-shirts that say, "I am not drunk or stoned, I just have MS?"

  • No way! I can't believe it!

  • OMG that's to funny downrigger :D

  • Yes, as a matter of fact, they do sell T-shirts that say, "I'm not drunk, I have MS". I'm wearing one right now 😝

  • Texandyroe , Any idea where one can be ordered

  • Booda , I ordered it several years ago during MS Appreciation month from ""

  • Too cute!

  • OK, downrigger , how did you know? The only one you forgot is that you forget which doctor you're supposed to see, go to the wrong one, and charged $50 for a missed appt. by the one you forgot! Beautiful picture!

  • That one hasn't happened to me..... yet.

  • Oh Downey you have hit the nail on the head, at least we can still all laugh, it's nearly 7 am here in the uk, and what better way to start the day than with a laugh, my dog Razor wonders what's wrong! Beautiful colours, have you painted it? Blessings Jimeka

  • I don't paint. I draw with my mouse.

    + `

  • Love your post! And the site with the T-shirt? How funny !!😀

  • thanks Kath.

  • 😂👍

  • Perfect!

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