Multiple MS therapies?

Hello All,

I am wondering your thoughts if my MS life is "normal"? I was diagnosed in 2013. Doc put me on Rebif (#1) and said we'd do an MRI after a year to see how it's working. A year later, MRI showed multiple new active lesions. So, we change to Tecfidera (#2). At the end of a year, MRI shows multiple new active lesions. So, we change to Plegridy (#3). At the end of a year (2 months ago), MRI shows multiple new active lesions, one of them in the brain stem (none in the spine). My MRI's are looking like pretty fireworks. I just started Gilenya, the 4th drug. He wanted me to take Tysabri but I tested positive for the JC Virus with high numbers; he won't prescribe it and my insurance said they wouldn't cover it. Is it normal to have tried so many different therapies and still continue to have new active lesions? Long term - what does so many lesions mean in the progression of MS? Thanks for your thoughts.


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