Hello everyone, my name is Karen and I'm from Anchorage Alaska. Well lived in Alaska over 22 years, I'm originally from Laguna Hills California. Once you've lived in Anchorage you won't ever want to live anywhere else! It's beautiful here and it doesn't get nearly as cold as say Chicago, in fact we haven't had enough snow to really ski on for a couple years now! I was diagnosed in 2009 and for the most part have been doing wonderful. That is with the MS, I've had major orthopedic issues and have had six coming up on seven surgeries since 2013, mostly back injuries. I'm getting ready to have one on October 11. Yikes, I sure hope this one helps. Between the misery of MS and the constant pain from my orthopedic issues life has become hell. I was active, trained horses and had a lust for life. This recent back issue has had me bound to my house for the past three months and I never know whether it's MS or my back. I've been on Copaxone since the very beginning and really haven't had any flares To speak of, so I just hang in there and pray, pray, pray!

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  • I too suffer with MS and back issues. Praying for a successful surgery and no more pain for you.

  • Thank you so much. I had L4 L5 surgery done in February 2013 and then in September 2013 for some reason I can't remember (must've been the MS ) I saw another doctor because mine was out of town. He told me I had a screw loose in my fusion and he was going into tighten it. Much to my surprise the next day he brought me a specimen jar and had removed it the whole fusion which is caused me great pain ever since. So my original surgeon is going in he's replacing that because it left me with basically a crack in my back and he's revising L3 L4 and placing a bar in because of the damage the removal of L3 L4 caused. So I'm not sure if the way I'm feeling is because of my back or I'm just lethargic because of my MS. I have faith and I trust God and I know life has to be better than just sitting in this recliner!! 😃 Thank you for your well wishes they really mean a lot. Got bless you!

  • Hello dear friend from Alaska! I just had to say hi since we are on our way to that beautiful state! We will fly into Seattle tomorrow and then take a cruise with stops along the way. I am so sorry you are having so many issues and hope it all gets better soon. I was on copaxone and did well on it except for the lumps at injection sites then neuro talked me into aubagio. I went right for it to get off injections. Big mistake. Caused very high blood pressure. Been off it for couple months but still have to take med for blood pressure. Takes up to 2 years to get out of the system and they want me on something else. I'm afraid to try anything else till this is out of my body! There is something they can give you to do that. I can't even see my neuro, only his assistant so about to go see a new neuro in September. Hopefully he can help me. I just feel lost and don't know what to do. My last recent mri showed some progression or I think I would just quit with the mess but now I'm afraid to. Anyway, so sorry to go on so. Looking forward to seeing Alaska! Wishing you well!

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