Getting Better

I was diagnosed with MS at the beginning of 2015. In the the preceding year I went from a slight pain in my back to needing a wheelchair. The initial diagnosis was a problem with my back, but a hospital stay diagnosed MS. Eventually I was given a 5 day, high dose steroid treatment. From day one I was able to lift my feet off the floor. 18 months later and I can walk about with a cane, although I use my powered wheelchair for distance. Progress has been reasonably steady and seems to match that of stem cell replacement therapy patients I saw in a documentary. So far MRI shows no progression of my brain lesions. Spasticity remains my most severe symptom, as well as fatigue especially in the summer heat. My life has certainly improved from where it was 18 months ago.

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  • Wow! What an inspiring story. So glad to hear your abilities are improving. Are toy on any MS medication?

  • Even though I was diagnosed with PPMS, I am currently taking Copaxone. I cannot tell it it is helping or not (no obvious relapses), but it certainly isn't causing any problems or side effects. I just consider every month that goes by without a relapse as an extension of the time before I may need another steroid treatment.

    Who knows we may even get a good treatment that cures the disease rather than alleviates the symptoms.

  • Praise God!

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