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Kegger in the MS ward!

Hi! My name is Anne and I was diagnosed in 2009 just short of my 21st birthday, I assumed I would have my 20s stolen from me, but I still had more drama and heartache waiting in the wings! Now I'm 27 and have moved cross-country after spending a month in the hospital while my attending physicians figured out why I was there (I suppose) and made a personal vow to never again spend a lengthy period hospitalized!

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After a year of taking every test my primary care doctor recommended and getting no results. I guess I was lucky I fell in the shower and was admitted to a hospital one of the test they gave was a spinal tap which confirm my M.S. I was there for five days It is new challenge dealing with the MS . I miss my exercise and going to work. But I still try to enjoin everyday of my life.


I swear Drs are something special these days! So they just kept u in the hospital for no reason? I'm 26 and when I found out I felt like well that explains why I've been feeling the way I have since I was 21 but nobody could figure it out. Now I'm worried about what I have to look forward too and needing to have another back surgery before treatment is stressing me out big time! Hope u are feeling better after ur hospital stay.


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