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Cervical Myelopathy

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Help please


Do I or don’t I have myelopathy? Some of my docs say yes and some say no. Can I ask what you think?

Upright MRI with flexion extension views..

I feel like there is more going on with the stenosis. Even more than in May/June. I have had continuous pain, numbness and tingling in my back and arms, mostly my left arm but the right also. This becomes extreme when I’m looking up..and bending at the waist, I believe because the angle I put my head/neck for balance..additionally I am feeling odd sensations when going up stairs(which is also a situation where I am looking up)those sensations include cold water dripping on my legs and prickly pins. I have a loss of balance when I am walking in a dark room but less in light..the feet cramps and extreme itching I was feeling when I lay down has subsided with Gabapentin..

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Hi I can't read the MRI results ,not very clear on my phone and can't enlarge it. Symptomatically you appear to have myelopathy. Unfortunately not being able to put two and two together using the MRI results it's hard to say.sorry I can't help further.

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