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Boy with persistent eczema and thinking to use deodorants

Most unlikely deodorants could help - I'm sure he smells good to his parents who could tell him so. But he needs help of dermatologist whom he might ask about UVB light treatment and Topical Tacrolimus. Both of which (not together) brought long me lasting relief. Tacrolimus expensive but was cheap in long run as I found it so effective.-used only one tube.

Vitamin D worth taking as so many in UK likely borderline deficient.. Many dont get enough sun on skin where benefits have been forgotten in scares of skin damage etc.

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Unfortunately, deodorants can aggravate eczema. The best deodorants/anti-perspirants for people with sensitive skin or eczema are those that are mild and fragrance-free. Also, roll-on deodorants are often better tolerated than sprays.

For more info about deodorants/antiperspirants go to:


Thank you, Shell567, really appreciate your help. Will start with roll-ons and try Nivea for Men. I am dreading the onset of puberty. I worry that he will either break out with acne, which won't help his confidence, but might alleviate his eczema or that the use of shaving gels/creams/shaving will aggravate his eczema to the extent that I'll have to ask for special dispensation from school for him not to have to shave! Aaaaaargh! We have been warned he may not outgrow his eczema!


My advice would be to use pro derma deodrants - brands such as Nivea and Vaseline as they have a nice fragrance and from my own experience cause no irritation. It's difficult with under arm areas as they are naturally irritable through perspiration and heat just avoid any brands which do nothing for sensitive skin.

Regards, Jingo


I use a natural deodorant spray called PitRok crystal for sensitive skin & it's fragrance free.. you can buy it for £5 from most natural food health stores etc maybe holland & barrett too..


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