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acne, eczema, or,

hidradenitis supparativa cosmetics that work gently

Good news - This month's Look magazine from the UK showed a range of products from Dermologica, that cover the WORST red and/ the sores, - magically - a top model has really bad acne - really bad - but the makeup for face, shoulders, cleavage, and or, back, doesn't show a flaw

when put on - they also sell a silver-based product cream that keeps down bacteria build-up on the skin naturally for acne/exzema, hidradenitis supparativa sufferers - hope it works for you - Spot

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Thanks a lot, Spot.

I sometimes review beauty products, and am really interested in product ranges that are suitable for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Shell x


I tried many Dermologica products in the past, the best product was a cleansing gel facewash which was really good..

I have suffered many years with acne & it's changed the path of my life i'm sure, i've turned so many things down because of my skin & how it makes me feel.. It's not that bad anymore, but i have found taking 1000mg of Lysine daily as been a God send.. It really helps boost the immune system..


Thats interesting spot. I suffer from HS and pitted skin due to acne. Do you know where I can find the information please?

I have been looking for something like that all my life!

Bev x


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