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Can i go to a&e with my eczema it's broken out and infected and my gp won't do anything for it

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If its infected I would definitely get it looked at yes, as I guess a skin infection and this heat is really going to become uncomfortable and only get worse, maybe ring 111 they might be able to get you booked in somewhere like a walk in centre tomorrow, the very least they should do is give you some advice for relief until you are seen.

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Will1980 in reply to Citrinesun

OK thanks I'll give them a try

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Citrinesun in reply to Will1980

Good luck 👍 they have been helpful to me in the past, it's a bit of a wait for a call back sometimes, but It beats sitting in a&e, they will tell u to go if they think you need to.

Your GP should have referred you to Dermatologist ( can u see another GP)? - - You should write to Practice Manager and tell them you are not satisfied with the care you have been given ! (Or lack of it)! Reading this makes me angry!!Hope you'll get correct care with this problem.

Best regards

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Will1980 in reply to Ratton726

Everytime I phone they say there's no doctor to see me they gave a small tube of fucibet the last time its all over my body so that didn't last long it's gotten really bad now

I had to take a picture of my skin send it to my doctor and he`s referred me to the hospital mine is terrible just now.

I would suggest A &E -tell them GP doesn't think anything else needs doing!!!(altho he hasn't tried)!!They should refer you to Dermatologist-at your hospital-!

Good Luck

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