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Rash on leg


Hi all,

I’m a bit worried about this rash I have on my leg.At first it was ringworm and because I left it and kept itching it the rash changed. I went to my GP and he gave me some cream called Datakort the cream worked well but the rash has returned and I’m due to fly on Tuesday. If anyone could help please I’m so worried now. Here is a picture.

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Any signs of water damage in your home or workplace?

I don’t think so why?

Generally speaking rashes are triggered by environmental or food sourced reaction. Something changed, it was external or introduced. If eating it, it tends to react strongly, quickly, accumulatively. So the heaviest suspect is environmental. Where are the likely, common, every day exposures to microbial contamination? Like molds, bacteria, virus and the microbial organic toxic compounds they emit? Water damaged buildings. Also poor living standards where mold/contaminates are allowed to grow in the indoor environment in bathrooms, kitchens, wet areas.

One sink in an operating theatre and patients die of bacterial infection. The beds closest to sinks on the wards have the highest rate of bacterial infection. These microbes are no laughing matter.

So essentially these microbes trigger the immune system, the immune system is governed by mast cells, they're located throughout the skin. They're involved directly in the skin response.

Oh wow, Thankyou for that information I would never of guessed

I’m just worried because of where it is and it’s only in that one place, it started off as ringworm but because I left it and kept itching it it has turned to that

Ahhh so it's a fungal infection most likely. You could grab cream at the chemist for that. You could possibly get a good result from using tea tree essential oil in coconut oil as a natural alternative. But I would not continue to leave it to spread.

Yes, I get the same thing, ever since I moved into a basement apartment, looks almost identical. It's really annoying, itchy, and comes back over and over.. make sure to clean with a mold killer regularly and get rid of anything that may be contaminated, and seeing a dr/dermatologist is always best if it persists

This looks like my daughter's condition which started with what looked like ringworm. It wasn't. She has Lupus. It's difficult to diagnose. Sunlight affects her severely.

I have lupus rash also which looks like your picture

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