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Itchy forehead, red and looks like some kind of rash


I have an itchy forehead with a rash. Been told it was due to stress. I was given hydrocortisone and it helped clear it up. As soon as I stopped using it the rash came back. I then went doctors again. Saw a different doctor told it was just dry skin. I've been using e45 which does help but it hasn't fully solved the problem. I have asked to see a dermatologist and so far been told I don't need to see one. I'm due to start a new job soon so need the problem sorted before I start. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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might be type 2 rosacea...lookup and see if you think it may be type 2 rosacea or at least ask your derm....regards!!

Got an appointment with a dermatologist but some months away. Do you know what helps with type 2 rosacea?

finred in reply to Adam_88

Soolantra or natural alternative to soolantra is type 2 rosacea serum found on the website male tester used it with good results -use with oil of oregano capsules -but make sure its rosacea first before you spend your money -best of luck

It sounds a lot like psoriasis - I suffer with it also, and it can be really irritating and make you feel quite lot at times. Although you aren't meant to use it on your face, I have found that Hydro cortisone cream to work wonders. I get compliments lately at how well my skin looks because it clears up completely when I use it. As soon as I miss a couple of days it's back to being red again and the longer I leave it, it gets itchy. Best advice from me, is to use the cream I have just mentioned and also try relaxation techniques, as stress has a huge impact on flare ups. Therefore, a combination of both the cream and stress management techniques (also try getting plenty of sleep) are the best remedies.

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Thanks for the advice. Do you use that hydrocortisone everyday as been told not to use it too much

Hi Adam I had allergy test done through a consultant at the hospital I CANT USE E45 as it contains lanolin and I have a allergy to that I use Cetaphil gentle skin wash follow instructions then dry skin .put on Cetaphil moisturising cream both of these products don't contain perfume.or lanolin. I get them from chemist.

Also went to skin specialist for consultation first one thought seboric dermatitis . The one That sent me for allergy test thought looked like rosacea however none of the rosacea treatments worked but the Cetaphil does keep my skin moisturised I use every day now 7 years. Also I keep out of sunshine if possible with a hat and use sun protection? Researching can be time consuming.

Also joined a rosacea online group and one for seboric dermatitis. Very interesting .

I did try various treatments from doctor which didn't work best with a skin consultant for advice also mention allergy I also use now a shampoo from the GREEN POEPLE CONTAINS NO PERFUME OR LANOLIN. Also wash my clothing with surcare non bio again no perfume in the product. This is only my experience . Good luck

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