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Blepharitis-a forgotten disease?

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I am now in my eighties, and still have not managed to find a doctor or optician to take this condition seriously. It is caused by an infection producing an exudate overnight, which coats the eyelids. The universal professional advice is to remove this exudate with a cleaning regime. Job done. I would prefer that the cause would be treated but it seems that no one has decided to do a PhD on this subject. Any ideas?


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Sorry Xavier, you have come to the wrong part of healthunlocked, this part is for running not general medical conditions.

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xavier in reply to AlMorr

I do not know what you mean by "running" conditions. If you mean a continuing condition then this qualifies . It can last a lifetime , but as a relatively rare condition and not life threatening it gets little notice.

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AlMorr in reply to xavier

I mean running as in athletes, not as a medical condition that in your case keeps 'running' Go to the Healthunlocked website and type in the medical problem you have which is a eye condition named "Blepharitis", better still, go to your doctor or even your local opticians, they may be able to help you.

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kittylow in reply to AlMorr

Why do you keep telling people that the skin forum is for running? OP posted in the correct place.

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