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Rosacea? Dermatitis?

I've been suffering for almost a year now and I melted telling everyone that I had a parasite! however every Dr has recommended therapy and meds but I chose to use home remedies and I thank God I did. I met a retired DR this past August who studies science and it took him two months to realize I'm not crazy only because I took a hot bath in bleach and baking powder and peroxide which a he'll of a lot of eggs came out of my lower back. I then grabbed the alcohol and had a friend feel my back and wipe them off only to find that it burned in the middle of my verta bear and went to show him. I then began to see gnats coming out of my body and he still didn't believe me until I had him put a bandage on the sore. I have stuck with my home remedies and they have helped and yesterday we added to it and for the first time he saw what I've been seeing and feeling in my neck, head, face and scalp as well as the ears. has anyone else been suffering? the stuff I've been using had an awesome outcome and ilk continue to do this my way instead of Drs way. I think I know my own body and I know what I see and feel. I will not tell you my secret I'm about to put it together but if you in box me or email me at Lilrosie01@gmail.com I'll help you and maybe we can fight what they say we have.

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Glad you got a result from your home meds, bleach, baking soda and peroxide sounds drastic but also like what was needed.


OMG that was very harsh .If I did that my skin would fall off.!! i sincerely hope you find a remedy which helps you that is less harsh and I have Rosacea and some of the creams prescribed are too harsh for my skin .so i have learned how to manage my skin with them and without them I vary the treatment to suit me.and it has Improved a lot i now only get a few res spots around my nose but not always a course of Doxycycline helped to kick start the procedure . i wish everyone good luck with whatever problem they may have .


I also use a blemish face scrub to take off my dead skin i to have rosacea and i have looked and looked and lesions in the 1800 where hard parasites to look like lesions. Its really a parasites and there have been three otheres with this rare condition. I use lice shampoo over my entire body and it is now the third day and i have no crawling no sensitivity to the sun no eggs flying etc. I am nkt 100% but im nkt gonna give up now. There ate home remddies like baking soda and apple cider with a touch of lemon you can use as a mask. You can bather in sea salt apple cider baking soda and tea tree oil for 15 minutes. But the scrub for the face omg you got to try it and get rid of ths dead skin. I also use shea butter and black soap then i use nivea body wash and in shower body lotion and lotion so my skin dont get dry. I use bag bond on my lesions and and i finally feel normal. I have a friend dr. That has collect parasites that the dr woukd not look at and told me i was crazy i needed a psych but he was god sent! Drs arent always right i know my body and i know what i see and feel i just hope this night mare will go away soon. I also use lemon in my bath and on my face. Just cause i choose to use bleach kn my bath dont mean no one else has to. Im just tired of being tired and ignored and if this is what works for me and cures it then im hapoy


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