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Annoying Cystic Acne


I have had cystic acne since the birth of my daughter, almost 10 years ago. I'm not sure if it has something to do with hormones or not.

I get this type of acne mostly on my face.. and when I get it cleaned and all the infection out, it leaves a "sac-like" area of where the cystic acne is. These places tend to droop and I have no clue what I could use to make them NOT droop!! Any advice is welcome on that!

Also, if you do suffer from cystic acne -- How do you treat it? Retinol? Other face washes?

PLEASE - I really need advice on this.

I am so self-conscious about it and I would just love to have normal skin.

Thanks in advance!!

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I am sorry that I can't advise but I am sure my eczema has flared according to hormonal shifts, particularly oestrogen. So I imagine that cystic acne trigger could also be hormone related. Has your GP referred you to a dermatologist who could advise on a skin care regime that would help both with the acne and the 'droop' effect?

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